Choti Sarrdaarni 19th March 2020 Upcoming Story,Spoilers and Twist

Choti Sarrdaarni 19th March 2020 Upcoming Story,Spoilers and Twist on

Today’s episode begins with Peri trying to take mobile from Meher’s hands.He holds Meher’s hand and calls his father telling him that there is an invited guest in his party.He tells him that Meher has come here and has taken a video of him with his girlfriend. Sandhu asks him to stop her and delete video. Meher pushes him into water and hides from there.He instructs his friends to catch Meher and if she refuses hit her with car he don’t care but wants the video.

Sarab plays playstation with Param and Param gets happy after winning.He then asks Sarab if he deliberately lost to him so he can be happy. Sarab smiles at him.Param says even Meher mumma let him win so she can see you happy. Sarab remembers Meher and him playing and how he got happy after winning.Param asks Meher if she let his father win deliberately.

Meher says yes and shows him how Sarab is.Param blurt out truth to Sarab and Sarab says he is champion of playstation games.They get into a Nok-jhok. Flashback ends and Sarab sadly says he remember everything and wish to God everything should be normal again.

Sarab leaves to go to washroom.Meher calls Sarab mobile while driving but he wasn’t there.Meher message him to meet him near a school.Param sees his phone and says for one smiley I need to send two smileys.Sarab hear it and asks if he has done it before.Param says he always does it and tells about the time he sent smileys from Meher’s phone during Ginny engagement day as he was playing games.Sarab recollect every moment that Meher tried to tell him about Ginny and Rana and realised his mistake.

Ginny asks Rana to go out and get something.Rana says its late in the night.Ginny is adamant and tell him she needs it else she will break up with him.Kulwant hears it and tell Amrita,that Ginny must surely be troubling Rana to get Pizza.She says her kitchen expenses will go up with Ginny’s pizza expenses.Rana comes out and asks Amrita for money.He tells Kulwant that Ginny wants moisturizer.Amrita tells him to take it from her room and give it to Ginny.Rana tells her that Ginny uses only imported items and boasts that is how her skin is glowing.

Meher calls Sarab and speaks hurriedly as there is no battery in her phone.She ask him to come to school nearby temple and asks him to bring charger with him as she has something to show him.Before Sarab could reply her phone gets switched off. Sarab hurriedly leave but Harleen asks him to sit to discuss something important.

Sarab says he made a big mistake and that Meher is innocent but they had falsely accused her. Harleen argues how can he say that when he saw those messages in his own eyes. Sarab says he need to go as its urgent but once she learn truth she would hug Meher. He leaves hurriedly. Harleen wonders what it could be that he runs at this time of night.

Kulwant goes from there with oil in her hand saying she will make Ginny glow.She tells Ginny that her skin glows due to this oil and asks her to apply it.Ginny says no way and push it from her hand making it fall on the ground. Kulwant laugh saying its considered auspicious when a glass in broken.She thinks to herself that once wedding his over she will teach Ginny an unforgettable lesson. Amrita shouts for Kulwant to come out as Mini as come home.

Kulwant is surprised to see her and asks how come she is here suddenly. Minie says she couldn’t stop herself with happiness and got the first flight out. Kulwant laughs and says of course,how can a girl get married without her mom being present.Mini says no she actually came for money. Kulwant asks what money.Robby says 2 crores she had promised his mother. Mini asks her to give money as they have lot of work to do. Kulwant coughs.

Meher waits for Sarab and as soon as he comes she asks if he brought charger. Sarab says he has to tell her something and he just came to know but Meher says they can talk later and ask for charger.He gives it to her and he tries to connect charger but lights goes off. Meher complain she hid here with difficulty and he chased off lights as soon as he came. Sarab asks why is she hiding and from whom.Just then Peri and his friends come and looks inside their hiding place with flashlight. Meher takes Sarab to corner and stops him from saying anything.

Mini again asks about money and says only because of it she indicate agreed to this wedding. Kulwant laughs and says 2 crores is a big amout. Its too late and no bank will be open now.Tomorrow morning she would give the money.Robby asks promise?And Kulwant promises on Robby’s head.Mini asks if Kulwant has 2 crores in her bank. Kulwant says she has more than that.Mini still asks for her passbook. Kulwant bluffs she lost it.

Mini says its okay they cam check in mobile and ask her to show her bank balance. Rana gestures Kulwant to call. Kulwant says she will call manager directly.Mini asks her to put it on speaker. Rana gives phone to Bittu as Kulwant calls. Bittu pretends to be bank manager and confirm her balance and assets to be around 15 crores.He asks if its anything important. Kulwant says she will come to bank tomorrow to withdraw 2 crores then disconnects.Mini and Robby leaves.As Peri and others continue to search,Sarab shares an eyelock with Meher as they stand close hiding in corner.

Precap – Sarab drops Meher home. Sarab tells Harleen and others that he is going to show them a video in which it will be clear that Peri is not the right choice for Ginny. Harleen smirks wickedly.

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