Choti Sarrdaarni 26th March 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist


Choti Sarrdaarni 26th March 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on

Today’s episode begins with Sarab getting panicked to see Meher’s pulse getting dropped after a minute it gets normal. Now its shown Mehertalkimg subconsciously to Sarab about how she dropped all hopes to live but he and Param gave her a beautiful life. flashback shows Sarab telling g her he is sure she will be best mother for Param from the way she took care of him in Gurudwara. Meher thinks about the wedding night she confessed truth , and says subconsciously that she never thought he will listen to her but he did and tried to make her comfortable. She recollects the moments of her Muhdikhayi and how he took care of her and the baby.

She recollect the moment he took her to hospital to check her health and gave his name as her baby’s father. That day she felt she married an angel. He did things for her that her own mother didn’t do. She thinks that everyone someone says Param isn’t get blood she feels bad but God has removed that concern also when she gave him a part of her through transplant. Now she had a blood relation too. She thinks she was in danger after surgery and because of his prayers and Param she came alive from dead’s mouth.

Meher recollects the time she met Param for first time in Gurudwaraand she never imagined that her love for Param would become a habit and that she would become his MeherMumma. She says that she loves Param the most in the world. Flashback shows Meher climbing pipes to save Param in school.

She recollects the moment in which she said that her favorite destination is where Sarab and Paramare. She thinks that she would have done some good deed in her previous birth to get him as her life partner. She thinks about the moments he carried her to hospital and was there for her ultrasound. She thinks that he even went to jail for her. She thinks that she don’t know if she would survive or not but she is happy with the moments she spent with both him and Param. She thinks that there is only one wish.

Flashback shows all the moments Sarab saved Meher and took care of her. She recollects the entire moments spent with Sarab. Sarab touches her abdomen and requests her to open her eyes and that he wont let anything happen. Doctor says he has only one hour left to choose who he wants to save baby or Meher. Sarab is sad.

Precap- Sarab and Meher tells audience due to corona virus issue there won’t be new episodes and asks the viewers to enjoy episodes from beginning starting tomorrow.