Choti Sarrdaarni Upcoming Story and Written Update: Meher’s mission 10,000



Episode begins with Kulwant asking Amrita to choose the furniture from the pamphlets. She scolds the dalesman when he tried to give suggestion. Kulwantagain asks Amrita to choose the paint colors. Amrita asks her why paint again as they recently did it. Kulwant asks her to do as she says. Amrita selects and Kulwant finalises it asking the contractors to collect cheque for advance amount from Amrita. Kulwant welcomes Shano happily and hugs her. Without letting her speak,  Kulwantcontinues talking assuming they confirmed alliance and ask Shano to bring them home to see Meher day after tomorrow and by that time she will change her house tip top.

Shano blurts out that Sarabjit has rejected the alliance. Kulwant is shocked. She hurriedly tells Kulwant that she has another alliance who is richer and a film star. She says most importantly a divorcee. Kulwant gets angry and pulls her hair scolding her to shut up. She throws Shano out of the house and angrily tears off the cheque from contractor. Meher gets relieved. Kulwant thinks she don’t take No from God then who is Sarabjit.

Sarab and Param are in car on the way to school when Paramasks Sarab to pray to God to return his mother. He tells Sarab that the teacher had asked everyone to come with their mothers today for potluck. Sarab checks his diary and reads the notice. He asks Param if he has showed it to Harleen Bua and Param says no. Sarab tells him to always show his diary to her everyday. Meher sees a newly wed couple coming in bike to their house. Her family welcomes them warmly. Meher imagines herself Manav and herself coming home after marriage and her family welcoming them. She realised its her dream and laughs at herself.

Meher drives her jeep and sees Manav waving at her in a bike coming towards her. She tells herself to stop dreaming and almost hit Manav. He barely escapes and parks to the Side. Realizing its not a dream she rush towards him andvtwlls him about her dream of going for a ride in bike after wedding. Manav tells her that he was on his way to return his friend’s bike and asks her to get on it for a ride. Meher refuses saying she will come with him when he buys his own bike and asks what happened to his savings. Manav says he is 10,000 rupees short and once he saves it he will buy the bike next day itself. He asks her to go to Dhabba while he returns the bike and come back. Meher asks him to come soon and leaves.

Sarab takes Param to his class and sees all children sitting with their mothers. Param says he wants a mother to Sarab. Teacher welcomes Sarab and sits among the mothers. Teacher asks them to start pot lunch asking kids to open their lunch box. Tharkash brings pizza boxes and Sarab distribute it to all kids from Param’sside. Param sees all mothers feeding pizza to their kids and again sadly asks Sarab for mother. Manavcomes to Dhabba to see a workers,  Sharma and Meher standing in line. They move aside and shows a black board in which mission 10,000 is written. Meher says its for his bike and they have to earn10,  000 today and the collection goes for his bike.

Manav laughs and says they can hardly make a collection of 5,  000 per day. He wipes off 10,000 and writes mission impossible instead. Meher insist they should do it and says they will do a lucky draw. She shows a board in which she has written eat for 500 and get a chance to win 1000. Manav asks what has changed and why it has to happen today itself. Merry says a lot has changed between them from yesterday to today. They both remember taking vows last night. She says they will save little by little and fulfill all their dreams and first is his bike. Manav smiles at her lovingly.

Teacher organisms several competition for mothers. Param looks on sadly. Sarab participates in lemon and the spoon with other mothers and wins it. Param gets happy. Principal gives them prize which Sarab asks Param to collect. Param is delighted. One of the mothers ask Sarab why Param’s mom didn’t come. Her kid tells her Param don’t have a mother. Param gets sad again and asks Sarab for a mother. Hukumchand calls Sarab but he disconnects as he was in school with Param. Hukumchand tells Kulwant that Sarab isn’t picking his call either. Kulwant asks him to try from her mobile for which he taunts her. He asks her not to be restless and keep calm when she insist on meeting Sarabjitonce. He leaves when he gets a call and Kulwant thinks every dog has its day and its his turn. She vows to herself to make sure Sarab marries Meher.