Choti Sarrdaarni Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Choti Sarrdaarni Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Choti Sarrdaarni Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On

The episode begins with Sarab looking excitedly and happily at the new born baby.Abhi mujh Mein song plays in the background.Meher watches him emotionally.Sarab talks to baby for scaring him and happily says he is in my team and calls him partner lovingly.Sarab tells Meher he got his own chamcha just like she got Param as her chamcha.Sarab and Meher share a happy nok jhok moment.Doctor Payal comes and congratulate them.Sarab asks for Dr.Aditi and tells she was an angel who came at the right time.Dr.Payal tells them that she left.

Sister Lalitha gives the report of Meher and Baby’s xerox copies.She also tells that there is also the file in which Sarab had chosen to save Meher.Aditi sits in car playing on mobile and sister Lalitha asks why did she cancel all important appointments to handle Meher case and if she has anything related to Sarab.Aditi gets a call from Sarab who thanks her for coming like a God and saving Meher and baby.Aditi says she only did her duty.Sarab asks she didn’t collect her fees.Aditi tells him that she will definitely collect it and asks him to take care of them and be happy.

Sarab disconnects the call and tell Meher how Aditi saved them.Meher asks if they can call her for their baby’s naamkaaran.Sarab says absolutely.Kulwant asks Bittu to buy sweets from a safe and hygienic place and instructs him to distribute sweets to the entire pind along with Sanitizers.Kulwant asks Sister Lalitha if they can see the baby and Meher.She tells them they can but baby is in incubator and they can watch from afar.

Yuvi wakes up Param and param says he dreamt of seeing baby.Yuvi tells him Meher bua is fine and so is his little bhai.Param gets very happy and runs to Meher’s room.The doctor tells Sarab and Meher that since baby is born prematurely his immune system is very weak and they have to take care of him 24/7 so he don’t fall sick.She tells them to be extra cautious due to covid 19 spread.Kulwant and family looks at baby through glass window.Meher asks Sarab where Harleen is and Sarab says that she would be around or talking to doctor.

Param happily comes in and runs to see baby.Nurse scold him not to touch baby and to remove shoes and sanitize his hands.Param gets sad.Sarab tries to explain him but Param leaves upset saying they are not allowing to see baby.Meher asks Sarab to console him.Kulwant and others come inside. Kulwant tells Meher that since baby is born in 8 months he will be very weak and low in immune.She tells her that they will fall ill very often.Amrita takes her away so that Meher can take rest.

Sarab pacifies Param and makes him understand that baby is born prematurely and is very weak at the moment.He tells him the importance of maintaining distance and protect the baby from getting infected and sick.Param understands and gets happy now that he is a super big brother.Meher later tells Sarab that her mother is right and the baby’s immune system is extremely weak.Sarab asks how is his health and immune system.Meher asks what is the relation between his immune system and baby’s.Sarab tells her that he and his partner have one thing in common as he was also born preborn.He again asks her about how is his immune system.

Flashback shows Sarab sneezing couple of times and Meher giving him tablets.Sarab asks what is it for and Meher tells him for cold.They have a playful nok jhok and Sarab tells her by sneezing twice he wont get cold and that his immune system is very strong.Meher smiles recollecting it.Sarab tells her that if his mother and father can take it as a challenge so can they.Meher smiles relived at Sarab.

Param asks a compounder to help him clean so that he can visit his premature baby brother.Compounder helps him sanitize his hands.Param asks him to further check his temperature so that he can be safe.Compounder tells a nurse to check Param.Nurse tells him that he is perfectly fine after checking his temperature.Param is happy to see the brother.

Param happily bounces back in and says he has completely sanitized and ready to see baby.Sarab takes him closer to incubator and Param is so excited to see the baby.He tells them he will play with him once he grows up.Harleen calls Sarab and says she went home as she had headache and asks how things are at the hospital.Sarab says all good and hands phone’s Meher before Harleen could make an excuse.Harleen indifferently asks how she is.Then asks her to send Sarab and Param home as they didn’t eat all day.Meher feels worried.Episode Ends.

Precap – Sister Lalitha tells Meher that baby isn’t in the incubator.Meher screams for Sarab.Sarab sees a masked man pushing baby ‘s incubator and stops him.The man jumps off a window.Dr.Aditi slaps the man for running around with baby in corridor and asks him if he know how important the baby is for her.