Dabangii 10th June 2024 Written Update: Ankush puts forth a condition to Bela

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The episode starts with Arya asking Eklavya why is he doing this. Eklavya says to Arya that nothing happened in between Eklavya and Zai and it is the truth. Eklavya argues with Arya. Eklavya says to Arya that he will not leave her. Sonia overhears it. Eklavya covers up saying to Arya that she needs to plan a date for him and Zai. Eklavya also asks Sonia for help. Sonia agrees and says she has something for it and leaves from there.

Eklavya asks Arya if she will be able to plan it. Arya says she will stay in her limits. Eklavya comments on Arya and leaves from there.

Bela while thinking about Eklavya and Zai burns the food. Kasturi says to Bela about it. Bela accidentally burns her hand. Kasturi asks Bela to stop thinking too much about Zai and Eklavya as Eklavya is also planning a date for Zai. Bela hearing it hopes that everything will go the right way. Kasturi says to Bela that all of them should go out for dinner to give them some space. Bela agrees.

Zai sees Bela is looking like everything is alright. Zai thinks the fear should not go down in Bela. Zai says she is worried she will be all alone one day. Bela says until she is alive she wouldn’t allow that to happen. Zai thanks Bela.

Arya and Sonia prepare for the dinner date of Eklavya and Zai. Sonia says to Arya that she is really strong and says Tanmay regretted troubling her when he was a kid. Arya comments on it. Arya later talks about Eklavya and her and says there is nothing in between them. Eklavya overhears their conversation.

Eklavya drinks alcohol to ease his pain. Arya asks Eklavya to stop drinking alcohol all the time. Eklavya asks Arya why does she care what about him. Arya comments on it. Eklavya asks Arya if she has no feelings for him. Eklavya asks Arya to put her hand on his heart and tell the truth. Arya says to Eklavya that she hates him. Arya leaves from there. Eklavya also comes out of the storeroom after Arya. Bela witnesses this and thinks something is going on between Arya and Eklavya.

Bela says to Ankush that she saw Arya and Eklavya coming out of the storeroom and she thinks something is going on between them. Ankush comments on Bela and says to Bela that Arya is going to leave tomorrow and he asks Bela not to hurt Arya by saying something or asking her something. Ankush says if she does that then he will not talk to her.

Bela and another ladies go to leave to eat dinner. Eklavya asks Arya to stay back to help him is surprising Zai. Arya agrees and she asks Sonia to stay with her. Sonia agrees.

Zai sees the decoration and says to Eklavya that she loves it. Arya tries to leave the room but she sees that it is locked from outside.

Eklavya says to Zai that they went through a lot but now they are together. Eklavya hugs Zai. Arya feels painful seeing it. Eklavya decides to hurt Arya in such a way that she will learn her lesson by being close to Zai.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Bela says to Arya that she sees what is going on in between her and Eklavya and she wouldn’t allow it to happen. Bela says she already booked her tickets to Mumbai. Arya says if she leaves then Eklavya will leave Zai.

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