Dabangii 12th June 2024 Written Update: Zai confronts Arya

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The episode starts with Eklavya saying to Ankush and Bela that he would like to take Zai to the party with him. Bela says to Eklavya and Zai that they are getthing close together after the wedding and hopes that both of them will stay that way. Eklavya and Arya leaves from there. Bela says to Ankush that everything is getting better. Ankush says he also wishes that everything will get better.

Arya says over the phone that she needs this job and asks them to give her some time. Eklavya says to Arya that he came to the kitchen to take food. Eklavya says Vadapav and Samosa is his favourite combination and says this is his love symbol. Eklavya leaves from there and comes to Zai and they both eat food. Eklavya flirts with Zai. Eklavya sees Arya left from there so he also leaves Zai.

Zai takes out Arya’s photos and tears them apart. Zai comments on Arya as Eklavya only comes to her to make Arya jealous. Zai throws Arya’s photos in the dustbin and burns them. Zai decides what to do next.

Zai sees Eklavya leaving to work. Zai says to Eklavya that because of work Ankush never kept her mother away from himself. Zai asks Eklavya why is he keeping her away from him and says beside the first night he never came to her. Eklavya asks Zai not to think too much and says he has a little work pressure and nothing more than that.

Zai comes to Arya and asks Arya if she still loves Eklavya. Arya says she is keeping her distance from Eklavya. Zai asks Arya why hasn’t she left this house. Zai says to Arya that until she is infront of Eklavya. Eklavya and her will never be together. Zai lashes out at Arya and feels dizzy. Bela catches Zai and asks Arya what did she do. Arya says she hasn’t done anything.

The doctor checks Zai and says she is pregnant. Eklavya gets shocked hearing it. Arya takes the doctor away from there.

The doctor asks Arya to take good care of Zai as she is pregnant. Arya agrees. The doctor leaves from there. Arya cries to herself thinking about Zai becoming pregnant and recalls what happened.

Kasturi and all the ladies congratulate Zai as she has become pregnant.

Eklavya tries to recall what happened that night but he doesn’t recall anything.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Zai thinks to herself that she met a handsome guy two months ago and she enjoyed time with him and she became pregnant due to it. Zai asks her baby not to worry as she arranged a good father for the baby. Eklavya overhears Zai.

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