Dabangii 14th June 2024 Written Update: Zai’s conspiracy against Arya

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The episode starts with Arya asking Ankush to believe her that she only bought the medicine prescribed by the doctor. Ankush says the medical shop might have made a mistake by giving him the wrong medicine. Arya says she went back to the medical shop and he confirmed that he gave the right medicine and she also checked the CCTV footage. Arya says she doesn’t understand what is going on. Ankush asks Arya to stop blaming herself and minding Bela and Zai’s words.

Zai sees no one around. Zai dances to music. It is shown Zai changes the medicine in medicine cover given by Arya. Zai looks at her tummy and says to the baby in her womb that he might be angry that she tried to get rid of him. Zai says to the baby what else can she do as doesn’t even know the who is his father. Zai says two months back she met a handsome guy and she wanted pass time with him and she got pregnant. Zai says it was due to him that she got the idea to marry Eklavya and after the marriage she can make Eklavya believe that he is Eklavya’s son and Eklavya will not leave her. Zai says to herself soon Eklavya will throw Arya out if this house himself and she will make sure of it.

Eklavya comes to Zai and gives a gift to Zai. Eklavya asks Zai to forget about what happened in the past and says they could have a fresh start. Zai agrees.

Zai tries to instigate Eklavya against Arya but Eklavya says to Zai that he knows Arya and says Arya would never do anything to hurt her or her baby. Eklavya leaves from there. Zai thinks she has to do something to throw Arya out of this house.

Arya says to Ankush that she doesn’t how all of this happened with Zai. Bela says to Arya what happened with Zai today should not be repeated again. Arya tries to explain to Bela but Bela just warns Arya and leaves from there. Ankush asks Arya not to mind Bela’s words. Arya says it is time for for her to leave this house.

Zai talks to Bela. Bela asks Zai not to worry and says nothing like what happened will happen again and says she strictly warned everyone in the house.

At the dining table, everyone eats food. Everyone cares for Zai. Ankush asks where is Arya. Naina says Arya said she will eat the food later to keep distance from Zai. Ankush hearing it takes the food to Arya.

Ankush feeds the food to Arya. Arya says to Ankush that she wants him to raise the baby well. Ankush agrees.

Arya gets ready to leave to a job interview. Zai overhears Arya’s conversation with Naina.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Zai falls down the stairs. Bela slaps Arya.

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