Dabangii 2nd April 2024 Written Update: Satya makes a deal with Shah

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The episode starts with Satya saying to Kasturi that he wants loyalty from others and says he doesn’t like it when she shouts at him and Yug is telling him what to do. Kasturi apologises to Satya and says she was scared. Satya says to Kasturi that he doesn’t like the way Yug behaves with him. Satya says he decided to cut him loose. Kasturi reminds Satya that they need his money. Satya says they don’t need his money.

Satya calls someone and arranges for a meeting. Kasturi asks Satya who is he going to meet. Satya says he doesn’t like Yug’s behaviour and says Yug can’t become their house son in law. Satya says soon Yug and Arya will leave this house and he already made a plan for it.

Arya asks Yug if he has done anything that made Satya suspicious of him. Yug says they will see what Satya is going to do. Arya praises Yug. Arya gets into a dilemma as she can’t tell the truth to Yug about Ankush.

Arya comes and meets Jaanrao. Jaanrao says to Arya how much she is worried for her. Jaanrao asks Arya to allow Ankush to fight his own fight and asks Arya not to get involved in it. Ankush comes there. Jaanrao tries to argue with Ankush but Arya stop him and sends him away.

Ankush asks Arya why wasn’t she alert about Satya’s plan. Ankush asks Arya to be careful. Arya later dreams of telling to Ankush that she told Yug about her true identity. Ankush hearing it loses trust over Arya and leaves from there.

Arya and Yug talk about what might the next move of Satya will be. Arya and Yug watch in CCTV camera that Satya is leaving the house and getting into a car.

Arya and Yug watch Satya has met Shah. Satya makes a deal with and convinces him to invest in Kasturi’s election campaign. Shah agrees to it. Arya and Yug seeing this. Yug contacts Ankita and tells her about it. Arya contacts Ankush and tells him about Satya meeting Shah to invest in Kasturi’s campaign.

Satya asks Kasturi to throw Arya and Yug out of this house and says no one tells home what to do.

The next day, Zai gets anxious learning she is going to lose Yug. Tanmay makes Zai drink spiked drink and knocks her out. Kasturi asks the servants to throw Yug and Arya’s luggage outside the house.

Episode ends.

Precap:-Ankush confronts Arya saying she told the truth to Yug about her true identity and argues with her as she broke the promise she gave him. Ankush says to Arya he knows she is his daughter but he doesn’t need her anymore and is about to leave her. Yug comes to Ankush and Arya. Yug says excuse me.

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