Dabangii 5th June 2024 Written Update: Arya faces Eklavya’s wrath

Dabangii 5th June 2024 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Ankush satirically praising Bela as she made Arya ask the Pandit to do Zai and Eklavya’s real wedding.

Eklavya comes to Arya and asks Arya why did she betray him and destroyed everything.

Ankush says to Bela that she destroyed everything once again. Ankush comments on Bela as she made Arya sacrifice her love for Zai. Ankush asks Bela to admit that she destroyed everything. Bela admits to it and says she did it. Bela says to Ankush that she did it for Zai as Zai’s life is on the line. Ankush asks Bela what about Arya and her happiness. Bela says to Ankush that Arya should learn she can’t get everything and says she will do what needs to be done for Zai.

Arya says to Eklavya she did what she has to do for her sister. Arya asks Eklavya it is better for him to just fulfill this marriage. Eklavya asks Arya who is she to decide what happens in his life. Eklavya comments on Arya as he loves her like no one and she just used him and played with his life like a doll. Eklavya says to Arya that now there is nothing in between them anymore. Eklavya takes off Arya’s photo and throws it away. Eklavya leaves from there. Arya takes the photo and cries to herself.

Ankush asks Bela not to call herself Arya’s second mother anymore as she doesn’t deserve that anymore. Ankush asks Bela to look with her own eyes how everything is going to be destroyed. Ankush leaves from there.

Arya looks at the photo and cries to herself in her room.

Eklavya returns home and lashes out at the furniture. Zai gets ready and sees Eklavya sitting listless.

Zai praises herself as she made Eklavya really marry her under the guise of fake wedding.

It is shown Zai overhears Ankush and Arya talking about their fake wedding plan. Zai decides then to make this fake wedding into real wedding and she plans all of it. Zai also makes her family believe that she is taking medicine and therapy but it was just an act. Zai thinks Eklavya belongs to her for life.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Jaanrao says to Bela that Eklavya has gone mad as he is intoxicated and saying that God really destroyed his life.

Arya asks Eklavya to stay in his limits as he is married. Zai witnesses all of it from afar.

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