Dabangii 6th June 2024 Written Update: Eklavya expresses his feelings about Arya to Zai

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The episode starts with Zai praising herself as she made Eklavya marry her under the guise of fake wedding. Zai thinks Ankush is the biggest hurdle in her plan. Zai thinks Ankush is not her dad but her dad is Satya Rajyavarkar. Zai decides to start her drama.

Zai asks Bela where is Eklavya. Bela says he might have gone on some work. Bela asks Zai not to worry as Eklavya belongs to her. Zai agrees. Jaanrao comes and says to Bela and Zai that Eklavya has gone mad as he is intoxicated and he is saying that God really did something wrong with him. Zai says she will handle Eklavya.

Eklavya in his intoxicated state complaints to God as Arya betrayed him and made his wedding with Zai. Arya comes infront of Eklavya. Eklavya thinks he is hallucinating Arya. Eklavya asks Arya to tell her they are one as she knows how much he loves her. Arya asks Eklavya to stay in his limits. Zai witnesses all of it from afar. Zai comes to Eklavya and handles him. Zai says to Arya that she shouldn’t have shouted at Eklavya like that. Eklavya comments on Arya. Zai takes Eklavya away from there.

Zai brings Eklavya to their room. Eklavya plays a song in the radio. Eklavya sees Arya in Zai and dances with her. Arya thinks about her moments with Eklavya.

Zai says to Eklavya that this is their new life and says he needs to forget about Arya. Eklavya says to Zai that he can never forget about Arya as Arya means everything to him. Eklavya says Arya is his world. Arya apologises to Eklavya in his heart and says she will never stop loving him. Eklavya asks Zai to tell Arya that he loves Arya and not to leave her. Zai thinks Eklavya hasn’t forgotten about Arya even after Arya’s betrayal but everything will change. Zai says Arya will not even know what happened with her. Zai calls for the servant.

The servant comes and says to Arya that Zai asked her to talk to Bela about the ritual tomorrow. Zai acts as if she is having good time with Eklavya but the truth is Eklavya is sleeping. Zai makes sure Arya overheard it.

Bela comes to Arya and says to Arya that Zai is happy only because of her sacrifice. Bela says to Arya for Zai and Eklavya to be happy. Arya says she knows she shouldn’t be here. Arya says she will leave within two days.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Eklavya says to Arya that he will keep up this torture until she begs him to stop it. Arya says she will leave this house within 2 days.

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