Dabangii 7th June 2024 Written Update: Zai misleads Eklavya

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The episode starts with Bela saying to Arya that for Zai to get her true love. Arya says she needs to leave from here. Arya asks Bela not to worry and says it is not her fault but it is her fate.

The next day, Eklavya wakes up and recalls what happened last night. Zai geeets Eklavya as if everything is normal. Eklavya apologises saying he drank a little too much. Zai says she doesn’t mind it and says last night was very special to her.

Arya gifts a necklace to Zai. Zai asks Eklavya to put the hook of her dress. Eklavya says Sonia will put it. Zai says to Eklavya that he is acting shy but yesterday he was not shyful at all. Zai sets her Dupatta right. Arya sees the finger mark on Zai’s neck. Eklavya thinks he crossed the line with Zai seeing it and thinks how could this happen. Arya leaves from there.

Zai comes to Kasturi and Bela. Zai intentionally shows the finger mark at her neck to Kasturi and Bela.

Eklavya thinks he couldn’t have crossed the line with Zai last night and thinks why can’t he remember what happened last night.

Ankush comes to Arya and asks Arya why did she make the same mistake that she did in the past by listening to Bela. Arya says Bela asked her thinking that she is Bela’s daughter and she couldn’t say no to Bela. Arya says she will leave from here and she asks Ankush to take care of Eklavya. Ankush asks Arya not to leave and says Eklavya and Zai will leave. Arya says she is culprit of Eklavya so she will leave from here.

Kasturi gifts a pearl necklace to Zai. Zai asks Eklavya to put this necklace around her. Eklavya agrees. Eklavya drops the necklace thinking about Arya. Eklavya apologises to Zai. Zai asks Eklavya not to mind it.

Arya says to Bela that she is going to Delhi after 2 days. Zai asks Arya to come to their important events like her wedding anniversary etc. Arya agrees and leaves from there.

Eklavya comes to Arya and says to Arya that she can’t leave him in this swamp and leave from here. Arya comments on Eklavya as it looked like he enjoyed his night with Zai. Eklavya says nothing happened in between them and it is the truth. Eklavya comments on Arya and says to Arya that he will torture her so much that she will beg him to stop this torture. Arya says he can do what he wants and says she is leaving after 2 days.

Zai says to Eklavya that they are going to Maldives for a week and says to Eklavya that Arya booked their tickets. Eklavya says he will not be able to go for a month as he has work.

Eklavya comes to Arya and comments on her. Eklavya says to Arya that he will not allow her to escape that easily and comments on her. Arya leaves from there.

Zai complaints to her family about Eklavya cancelling their honeymoon trip. Eklavya says they can go after a month and convinces Zai. Arya witnesses this from afar.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Eklavya gets on his knee and says to Zai that this night will be very special for them.

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