Dadi Amma Dadi Amma Maan Jaao 9th March : Rekhashocks knowing Dhruv’s decision

Dadi Amma Dadi Amma Maan Jaao 9th March 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on

Episode begins with Rekha says Dadi have guts for certain that is why still standing there after crossing the constraints also after mocking Shraddha asks did they have some self-respect or not. Dadi does not heads her insults and says for her granddaughter’s joy she can give anything up and says she believes Shraddha begins to love Dhruv.

Flip side, Anjali says if Dhruv isn’t accepting the marriage as real then let it be, nobody shouldn’t force him in this issue. Shlok says Dhruv does not knows what’s right and wrong for him asks her not to interfere between the brothers.

Anjali stunned listening this, Dhruv apologize to her on behalf of Shlok. Dhruv signs Shlok to convince Anjali, Shlok asks for her hand seeing that she also holds his hand. Rekha mocks Shraddha’s love and states because of this Dhruv’s carrier just get affect, while speaking by mistake her hands touches Dadi’spooja plate and it is slips out of Dadi’s hand.

Dhruv tells Anjali by forcing you can not marry or love, he just married for Dadaji he believed he’s doing very good thing but now everybody making him . Anjali knows him and says she too practical kinda person just like him not like Shraddha, Shlok who believes from heart always. He thanks her for understanding him. She says she knows both Shraddha and Dhruv and wishes to balance between both households so asks him to help her.

Shraddha comes within the house and collects the things which shattered from Dadi’spooja plate, and asks Dadi not to beg anyone for her and informs Rekha that she do not need any rights from this home for a daughter in law, it’ll be only Anjali’s mother in law home for her and was going to shoot Dadi with her. However, Rekha stops her and expects Shraddha will stand by her words.

That time Shlok and Dhruv comes there, Dhruv says Rekha presumed that wrong happened with him, he and Shraddha did fake union just for Dadaji and nobody caught him, so he decides to continue the fake marriage drama until Dadaji gets nice. Rekha shocks hearing and asks him to consider his carrier also, and says she will not allow Shraddha change his life and carrier.

Dhruv says Rekha overreacting in this issue and Shlok says if Rekha did not let Dhruv to do what he wants then he and Anjali too will not go into the home. Other family members too sees everything from upstairs. Shlok takes Dadi with him stating she needs rest. Dhruv tells Shraddha they need to leave for hospital to meet Dadaji. Rekha shatters hearing this.

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