Dhadkan 11th January 2022 Written Update: Girija recognises Abhay!


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Episode begins with Abhay asking Nalini if everything is okay. Nalini says Girija was having chest pain. Abhay looks at Vinayak and says it’s good you brought her here. Abhay says Aai come with me. Girija says my husband is a big doctor here and he will only see me, Vinayak will see me. Vinayak watches this shockingly. Abhay takes Girija. Here, Vikrant looks at the soup happily, and says this is the best thing to make my mood up. Vikrant says you also eat. Deepika says I don’t like it. Vikrant says you used to eat back then so that means you ate it for my happiness. Deepika says I used to do many things for your happiness. Vikrant says was I that bad boyfriend? Deepika says I did that because I feared you will leave me. Vikrant says so you loved me back then. Deepika says drink the soup it will get cold. Vikrant says I wish you could have said yes. Vikrant drinks the soup.

Here, Girija is not letting Abhay do the ECG. Vinayak comes and asks Abhay what’s the matter? Abhay says Dementia, she got a stroke and no one was around her. Vinayak says show me the report. Abhay says why? You think I am not taking care of her properly? Or you think after coming back after so long you will get back to her life and set things right? Girija asks for Vinayak. Vinayak comes infront of her and says I am here Girija. Girija looks on.

Here, Vikrant vomits and Deepika calms him. Vikrant thinks I am so weak how? Vikrant breaks the mirror from his hands. Deepika scolds Vikrant for behaving so harshly. Deepika says I understand you will have mood swings but you will have to control. Vikrant says I get restless thinking of you behaving so differently. Deepika asks Vikrant to be extra careful and ask his mother to come and take care of him. Vikrant gets Aditi’s call and he ignores it. The phone rings for long time so Deepika asks Vikrant to pick up. Vikrant picks up and says you should have got an habit of us not talking everyday as I am a trauma doctor and I am busy even now I am going for an important surgery. Vikrant then says you called my cabin and some lady picked up. He looks at Deepika. Deepika feels shy and goes. Vikrant hangs the call saying he is busy.

On the other hand, Girija becomes very happy seeing Vinayak. She hugs him. Abhay says let’s go for check up. Girija says my husband will do it. Abhay says he can’t come in our lives, Girija says why. Suddenly she turns to Vinayak and she asks him why he left her? Vinayak says he came back but she asked him to go back. Girija says no. Vinayak says you are not able to remember but I did come. Vinayak takes Girija for the ECG and then asks Abhay that as he is blood relative he can’t operate. Abhay says I know. Abhay asks the nurse to take care. Here, Deepika tells Vikrant not to lie to Aditi. Vikrant says she can’t handle this truth. Deepika says how can you decide that without knowing. Vikrant says because I know her and last time when she was with me during first rehab time she panicked and didn’t know anything. Deepika says you can’t say bad things about her. Vikrant says I can’t tell her everything and I am not hiding anything from you, she is at peace in Delhi if I tell her everything then she will be restless. Deepika panics and says I don’t want to come between you and your wife, Suman has already blamed me, please take care of your things. Deepika goes. Vikrant gets anxious.

On the other hand, Abhay asks why did you lie to Girija? Vinayak says I didn’t lie, I did come back but Girija wanted to keep me away from you and her due to my mistake. Abhay says Girija lied to me all this while? Abhay asks where you went? Vinayak says I married Naina, it was my fault that I fell in love with another woman even after being married. Flashback is shown when Girija blames Naina and calls her names and Vinayak saves the situation. Flashback ends. Vinayak says I did mistake, I never wanted to go away from you. Abhay goes into thinking. Abhay says so are you still married? Vinayak says yes, I am with Naina.

Here, Deepika bathes and comes to tell Vikrant he should go to bath. Vikrant adores Deepika. Deepika goes to sleep, but Vikrant keeps on watching her. Deepika asks him to go. Vikrant goes. Here, Abhay sees how much Vinayak regrets his decision and thinks to cool things off as Vinayak asks for apology. They both go to Girija, Girija asks him to come with her but Vinayak says we don’t stay together now. Girija says you are going to your wife Naina. Vinayak says yes, but you have your son, Abhay see. Girija recognises Abhay and hugs him. Later, Abhay says thanks to Vinayak for giving the sthethoscope on merit. Vinayak feels proud and happy to see Abhay forgive him.

Next day, Deepika starts to leave for hospital. Vikrant says you will go leave me alone? Deepika says I have my job. Vikrant says let’s do breakfast together? Deepika says I will do in canteen. Vikrant says the. What about me? Deepika says for this reason you should call your wife who will take care of you. Deepika leaves but gets late. Here, Abhay and Sia are in lift and Abhay tries to talk to her but Sia ignores her. Later, Deepika becomes very late for her meeting with management and to add up to her bad mood, Sheriyaar gives the ER duty to Ali and Deepika general surgery. Later, Ali tries to talk things out with Deepika but Deepika says it’s not his fault. Deepika finds Peroz and Abhay talk to each other on how Peroz picked Sia’s side so Deepika comes and says how Abhay and men like him do very wrong with their wives and girlfriends. Abhay is shocked to know that Deepika knows about them.

Episode ends.

Precap – Vikrant tries to call Deepika and behaves like her husband. Later, Abhay finds Vikrant and Deepika together and decides to confess his feelings to Deepika.

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