Dhadkan 17th January 2022 Written Update: Abhay makes a big blunder!


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Episode begins with Vikrant giving speech to residents how Abhay has joined us back. Vikrant takes reports from Ansari and other residents. Sia says Ansari is a very good team leader, he has created a positive work environment. Vikrant says okay then, I feel many things changed here in my absence. Vikrant says the work load has increased and nothing will happen according to you residents. Vikrant asks them to follow schedule and tasks strictly. He dismisses all. Vikrant aska Ansari to observe a patient and Abhay will do it. Ansari says but this is nurse’s work. Vikrant says a doctor should also learn all this. Later, Vikrant asking Deepika for the keys so that he can finish packing. Deepika thinks to stop him but doesn’t. Later, Deepika comes home and sees Vikrant all packed up. Vikrant gives the keys to Deepika. Vikrant asks Deepika not to be sad, as now we will meet everyday in hospital. Vikrant takes a leave.

Vikrant comes home and feels lonely. In the hospital, Abhay gets irritated on nurses for no reason. Vikrant asks Abhay to meet him in his cabin. Abhay goes. Ansari gives the chart for today to residents. Vikrant says I am making some changes, Sia will work with Deepika while Abhay will work with me. Sia says can I work with Ansari in ER? Vikrant says no juniors can’t give preference. Ansari smiles at Sia which Abhay feels wierd. Vikrant gets Deepika’s call and he smirks seeing Abhay. Here, Deepika gets a call from broker. Nurse asks Deepika if you are shifting house. Deepika says I am not shifting, one of my friend is shifting. Nurse says ask her to stay with you only as you stay alone. Deepika says I will see.

Ansari comes to Sia, Sia talks sweetly and Ansari smiles. Ansari takes out a gift and thinks to give to Sia. Vikrant shouts at Abhay for showing negligence over patient infront of nurse. Abhay feels angry. In the locker room, Ansari comes to Sia and is unable to express his feelings so Sia plays around. Here, Abhay says why did you shout at me infront of everyone, I did the right procedures. Vikrant says this is a hospital and it has procedures and a way to talk to seniors so you better maintain it. Abhay says you are just showing off because you want to show me down infront of Deepika like the way you gave me warning that day. Vikrant says stay away from Deepika she is just mine. Abhay says you are married and you should stay in limit. Vikrant holds Abhay’s collar and so does Abhay. Deepika enters just then.

A critical patient comes to ER, Vikrant and Deepika go and assign residents on the case. The patients are really critical so everyone becomes active. The doctors are informed that a building collapse accident happened and it was critical. They start the surgery on the patients as and where required. Peroz notifies Ali on the patient’s bleeding intensifying. Ali and Peroz look what can be done. Here, Deepika also handles a critical case. While Ansari and Sia look a patient who asks for Shaisha, his girlfriend. Ansari asks Sia to look after the patient while he will go look for the girl. Abhay and Vikrant look into another patient together where Vikrant informs Abhay that they will do the surgery here. Ansari finds Shaisha. Ali teaches Peroz some important techniques of surgery and gives him motivation. Peroz goes for it under Ali’s guidance. Shashi meets the Anish and he asks her to answer his question. Here, Vikrant saves the patient and asks Abhay to do post ops. Ali and Peroz go to the relative and give good news to them. Ali asks Peroz to take the lead. Deepika’s surgery is unsuccessful and she feels sad. While, Anish asks Shaisha again and she says yes. Deepika thinks how to break the news to the patient’s daughter.

Later, Ansari comes to Sia and gives the gift to Sia. Sia pretends shock. Ansari says I really like you Sia, so this is just a small gift but my feelings behind this is very strong. Sia takes the gift and smiles. She goes and throws the gift. She says oops you felt I was really liking you? You used so much against mr then how can you think that I will like you, but you are mistaken, you are very bad and ill minded. Sia says now next time never ever torture anyone emotionally. Deepika breaks the sad news and then consoles the patient’s relative while Abhay and Vikrant watch on. Ali finds Ansari sitting sadly and asks the matter while Ansari says it’s nothing. Ali goes. Ali comes to Sia in cabin. Sia says how she taught Ansari a lesson. Ali says are you satisfied? Sia says no, I am feeling bad for him, but I don’t know why? Ali says that’s because you are a sensitive girl and you were taking out Abhay’s anger on Ansari. Ali makes Sia understand and this makes Sia drawn towards Ali. Sia says you understand me so well unlike other guys, why can’t we date each other. Ali says why not, you are cute, I am hot, let’s date. Sia smiles. Later, in the hallway Deepika ignores both Vikrant and Abhay and goes.

Episode ends.

Precap – Abhay gets drunk and goes to Deepika’s house. Abhay and Deepika fight. Abhay asks for the real story between her and Vikrant.