Dhadkan 3rd March 2022 Written Update: Deepika and Nikhil go on a real date!


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Episode begins with Vir asking Sia what happened? Sia says it’s personal. Vir says in my life everything is public not personal. Vir says you can vent out if you want. Sia says you are the only one who can give me advice. Sia says my friend is in a complicated thing where she likes the guy but the guy says for casual fling, she doesn’t know the boundaries, dos and donts during casual fling so she was asking me. Vir asks what did you tell your friend. Sia says casual is not my thing, what she should do? Vir says tell your friend not to expect anything, casuals are a way to just have fun for the moment. Vir gives her example of movie hall and how it is temporary, by the way many people have used this excuse of asking for a friend. PC tells Deepika how she has handled the work so well. PC gives another work for making a presentation for residents which he needs to give to board by tomorrow. Deepika says okay, nice idea.

Esha and Peroz watch a cheesy romantic movie. Esha gets bored and asks Peroz to change it. Peroz is mesmerized by it and says something lovely when Esha comes near him but he goes aside. Sia comes to Roy and says you are of more age than me then we are not playing on same foot. Sia says I am a beginner of a casual, you are pro, it’s very complicated for me, I don’t want to be cringy or cold or unreachable. Roy says you have fear and insecurities, you can message me, you can come to me and say you need time, being casual just means we are not committing to each other, rest everything is same as relationship. Sia is still in deep thoughts. Roy asks are you still unsure? Mrs. Gandhi comes and says you look young everyday. They laugh and she sits.

Dibu tells Deepika I understand you had something very complicated with Vikrant but you need to get over it, he respects you. Dibu says you are afraid but we all get over our fears then only we can go for it, you are attracted toward him, atleast you got someone who respects you. Deepika says when heart breaks it becomes difficult. Dibu says you have to do this or else you will wonder what if. Peroz is eating sandwich when Esha comes out from swimming pool. She comes to Peroz and says make me eat sandwich too. Esha bends to kiss her when ketchup falls on Peroz so he goes to clean it while Esha gets upset.

Vir and Deepika discuss over a difficult patient and Vir says we should take risks for getting to our best. Deepika goes into thought. Here, Mrs. Gandhi says I need new type of look, I want my looks to go with vibe, in all events my face is always same, I want to do something to my face. Mrs. Gandhi gets a call and she lies about being in dentist. Mrs. Gandhi tells what she has in her mind. Roy shows how she will look so Mrs. Gandhi agrees. Roy whispers to Sia about watching the patient change her looks more. Deepika comes to Nikhil. Deepika says I don’t want to confuse you, but I feel good with you. Nikhil says you want to go on a date with me? Deepika says did I make it so obvious? Nikhil says sure, let’s not make it non platonic and make it fixed. Nikhil laughs.

Peroz and Esha play jenga. Esha hugs him from back. Peroz again makes excuse. Esha says you are saying lie, what is the issue with you, I am trying to come close to you but you are ignoring me. Here, Mrs. Gandhi says I need more changes in my face. Roy suggests some more ways. Peroz is worried while Esha says are you having second thoughts? What is the issue? Say something. Peroz says I want to confess something which can change the dynamics of us, I am a virgin and I want to gift my wife my virginity. Esha says seriously? You think that? Esha teases Peroz whe he looks on. Peroz says this is something I believe in and I am not sorry for this, I came here for spending time not getting physical. Sia and Roy struggle with Mrs. Gandhi. Mrs. Gandhi then leaves saying she will come back. Roy says Sia this is casual flings, when you want different new experiences, you get bored of every new experience so you move to next, when you move on from old option to new thinking it’s better. Sia asks so, when you can’t change the people around you, you change the people around you. Roy says yes, are you understanding now? Sia says okay sure, I am getting late bye. Sia acts like Mrs. Gandhi.

Deepika and Nikhil come on the date and decide on not drinking, they decide to be themselves, my life is very busy and difficult just wanted to clarify that. Deepika asks how he is single till now? Nikhil says by choice, my ex when she cried during break up I didn’t feel bad then I realised. Deepika says yeah sometimes relationship get cold.

Esha tries to convince Peroz but he stays angry inside the room. Esha says let’s talk like adults. Peroz says I was doing that but you can’t understand, so just leave. Nikhil asks Deepika about her past. Deepika tells about Vikrant and what happened. Nikhil explains what he thinks of love. Here, Sia scares Roy and then they laugh. Sia says I just got to know about casual and I think I can do it. Roy says your place? Sia says dad is at home. Roy says my place? Sia says sure. Deepika and Nikhil enjoy their date where Nikhil says I am scared of your anger. Deepika gets a call from PC who says where are you? Where is my presentation? Deepika says I am coming. Deepika says work call, I need to go. Nikhil says I understand. Deepika says I like you but don’t hate me for today please.

Deepika apologies to PC for the delay. PC says how you become so casual? I expect the best from you, I have trust in you make the presentation better, you need to give sacrifices and make work priority. Peroz sleeps and gets woken up by a call of Sia and sees her missed call. He comes out of the room and sees Esha sleeping on the ground. He caresses Esha and she wakes up. Esha says I am sorry. Peroz hugs her. Later, Esha and Peroz walk, Peroz says I know I gave you shock yesterday but I am old school from heart. Esha smiles and says I get it, I didn’t have any idea you were not joking, if I would have known you were serious. Peroz says I know you judged me. Esha says yes a bit but not anymore, it’s fun to be with someone like you who is different. Esha says I don’t believe in theE philosophy and I won’t be changing me. Peroz says I know, I don’t want you to change. They have light moment. Here, Sia and Roy come to hospital together. Roy pulls Sia close and says you were mind blowing. They come close when Roy sees other doctors, he pretends to check something. Sia also understands. Here, Dibu asks Deepika to have some personal time for oneself. Deepika feels conflicted. Dibu advices her to focus on her personal life now as career is bit set. Here, Sia video calls Peroz and lies about being in ER last night when Roy comes and talks about last night. Peroz listens to it and gets upset thinking about Sia didn’t take his advice.

Dibu says Nikhil is so aligned with you. Deepika starts questioning if she should focus on personal life. Dibu asks Deepika to give life second chance. Esha introduces Gautam and his boyfriend. They all greet each other. Peroz goes to bring coffee. Deepika comes to Nikhil and says everyone has work not only me, I should have managed work better, I have always got myself so busy in work when I was upset, I am sorry. Nikhil says chill, your intentions were not wrong. Deepika says I wanted to date you earlier, but now I want to go on a vacation with you, I want to empty my mind and have you in it, you understand me so well so now it’s my turn to understand you. Deepika says you give me peace and strength, I want to give us a chance. They hug. It turns out a dream for Deepika. Nikhil asks if she is okay. Deepika says yes. Nikhil goes for a work call.

Dibu finds her husband Namit in her cabin. Dibu asks what is the matter. Namit says I am sorry, I can’t lie to you anymore, I was facing lot of loses in business but now it is going out of hand and I want to share with you, it is going from 8 months. Dibu says seriously you are lying to me from 8 months. Namit says sorry, I don’t think I can’t handle it anymore, I also broke my FD. Dibu says you know my history, you kept me in dark, I don’t like lies, I would have beared everything but not lies. Dibu goes. Roy and Nikhil talk about his relationship with Deepika. Roy calls Nikhil Sia so Nikhil teases Roy. Dibu comes to Deepika crying. Namit also comes. Dibu tells the matter to Deepika. Namit says I was scared to tell you this because I knew you have lot of emotional baggage, I did all this to keep you protected. Deepika asks Namit to give Dibu sometime. Namit goes. Deepika gives tissue to Dibu. Deepika says if you feel like this then get seperated from Namit, come with me with the baby. Nikhil comes there and says what are you saying Deepika. Nikhil says sorry to hear your conversation by mistake, but due to one mistake of Namit you want to break Dibu’s marriage? Deepika says it’s the degree of mistake he did. Nikhil says it’s not our say. Dibu leaves saying she has survey. Sia asks Vir to go and check on a patient. Vir makes comments on casuals, this makes Sia thinking if she is doing right. Here, Peroz questions why Gautam came to Alibagh. Esha is confused. Sunny and Gautam are about to have a fight while Esha calms them. They leave while Esha asks Peroz why he did this.

Roy gets a new old age patient. They say how the wife did tattoo and their parents taunting them. They ask Roy to remove the tattoo. Roy asks Komal if she is sure. She says yes. Peroz thinks of a plan to end all the differences between Gautam and Sunny. Here, Nikhil and Deepika have a fight over Namit and Dibu’s case.

Episode ends.

Precap – Nikhil confesses to Deepika how he feels when he is with her.

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