Dhadkan 4th January 2022 Written Update: Sia checks Abhay’s phone!


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Episode begins with Abhay asking Deepika about change behaviour of Vikrant. Deepika says he has that kind of personality only. Abhay asks are you sure? Deepika goes. Sia comes and takes Abhay with her while Ansari smirks. Peroz comes to Sia and Abhay while Sia asks him to leave them alone. Deepika comes to Chakroborty all anxious so Dr. Chakroborty calms her. He asks this is not the first time why are you so worried? Is it about Vikrant? If there is anything tell me. Deepika says it’s nothing. Dr. Chakroborty says I gave you the option not to work with Vikrant but you chose to. He asks Deepika to talk it over if she wants to deal with it and not ignore. Deepika says you are right. She leaves.

Here, Sia is about to see the phone, so Abhay says what are you saying? Sia says what are you hiding? Are you cheating on me? Abhay says what are you saying? Sia says I know you from a while I know you just say who is she? Abhay says it’s no one. Sia says are you sure? Abhay says yes I am sure. Sia gives back Abhay’s phone and goes. Here, Deepika is finding Vikrant and she asks a nurse she says he went just now maybe he is in parking. Deepika goes to parking and sees Vikrant’s car. She sees him unconscious and finds opioid. Deepika worries for him seeing the injection. Deepika takes him home and sets him up on IV. She waits for him to wake up. Vikrant wakes up and is surprised to see Deepika. Vikrant says I am okay. Deepika asks him from when thi started? Vikrant says the day you left me from then onwards.

Deepika says you are the reason to become an addict, you chose that, you have to decide what you needed to do with your life. On the other hand, Abhay confides in Peroz about how he is lying to Sia so easily, I shouldn’t have done engagement in rush. Peroz says tell Sia the truth and you had to do the engagement because of her dad. Peroz says Sia needs you, you were just thinking about it. Here, Vikrant says just don’t tell anyone about it. Deepika says you are a doctor I won’t let you handle any patient like this. Vikrant takes out the IV and requests Deepika not to say anything to DC. Deepika says I won’t hide it. Vikrant says I know you can’t see anyone so weak, help me find my way out of it, I truly care about my patients. Deepika says I am not a kid, I know this is wrong. Vikrant says the first time I had this was in my wedding, I care about my patients too, just help me please. Deepika looks at him clueless.

Deepika says you should have not married, I didn’t get married, you could have waited for someone to come in your life. He says like you did. He asks were you in love with someone, is there anyone in your life. She says I don’t think its necessary to answer you, until you are an addict, you can’t work. He says I m not an addict. She asks when did you take the drugs last time. He says I don’t remember. She says say it. He says 6 months back, I don’t have any addiction, I take it for some months and then leave it, my situation is in my control. She says you are an addict, you are lying. He says fine, I m an addict, you are blaming me like I m a criminal, help me, you are a doctor.

She says I can’t help you, but you really need some help, do something, else I have to tell Chakravorty. He asks are you going now. She leaves. Abhay says I hate myself for lying to Sia, tell me what to do. Peroz says you got engaged to Sia, you want to break the commitment. Abhay asks how can I let her go through that. Peroz says make her feel secure and confident, she deserves the best, become the best, its simple. He explains Abhay.

Abhay says I will never become like my ex-dad, thanks, you said right. Peroz says I always say right. Its morning, Abhay comes to Sia and gives her a rose. Ansari looks on. Sia asks did you get his for me. Abhay says yes, sorry, it looks pale, just like me. She says I m sure you will get a fresh rose for me, thanks. They hug. Ansari says Abhay is like a cat, they look happy. Dr. Ali comes and says good morning, jokers….

Everyone gathers. Dr. Ali says I m excited to make your life a hell, welcome, there is a bad news, your fav doctors are on leave. He asks Abhay to go and ask chief about Deepika and Vikrant’s leave. He says Vikrant didn’t decide about the head intern, I will decide it, we will keep a competition today, the winner will have all the fun. Abhay says yes. Dr. Ali says junior residents make mistakes in diagnosis, I will direct you all, you all will follow the rules, two jokers will compete and then the one who wins will go ahead, welcome to my ER challenge, ready. They all say yes.

Deepika comes to meet Vikrant. He says I knew it, you can’t leave me alone. Suman comes. He says you here, come. Suman asks what happened to you, Deepika said you are unwell, where is Aditi, why did Deepika call me. He asks Deepika did you call her. She says someone should be there with you. Suman asks what’s going on.

Dr. Ali asks Abhay and Ansari to come ahead. Ansari says Abhay has a bad luck. Abhay says you will lose to me and feel bad. Dr. Ali says good going jokers, you have 60 seconds for the diagnosis. Abhay and Ansari ask Madhvi Tai about the symptoms to diagnose. Dr. Ali says 30 seconds gone. Abhay and Ansari suggest the diagnosis and tests. Dr. Ali says time is up, symptoms indicate heart attack, but you are thinking of that only, you don’t think of anything else, this is the most common mistake, Ansari did the right diagnosis, good, well done. Ansari thanks him.

They give scores to Ansari. Ansari asks shall I give you a tissue. He taunts Abhay. Sia says chill, there are two rounds left, all the best. Abhay thanks her and says I wish you win all the rounds. She says I will defeat you too, you said we shall not let the competition come between us. He says I will be happy if you become my boss all life. Suman asks are you her boss, I didn’t understand.

She asks Deepika did she come back to Vikrant, realizing her mistake. She says he is married, will you break his family. Vikrant stops Suman. He says you are saying nonsense. Deepika says Vikrant is a drug addict, he needs rehab, I called you, you take care of him. Suman argues with her. She says since you broke his heart, he has become a drug addict, its because of you. Deepika says it means you already knew it. Suman says yes, he is struggling with his problems, everything is under control. Deepika says no, addiction is a problem, he could have died by overdose, he can harm a patient, stop covering his flaws. Suman asks will you tell me. He says stop it now, there is no point. Deepika says right, I m going to hospital. He asks are you going to tell Chakravorty, I will be ready. She goes.

Dr. Ali calls Abhay and Peroz for the second round. Ansari says friendship will break this time. Dr. Ali asks him to control. Ansari asks on whose side are you, your friend or fiance. Sia says Abhay isn’t cheating on me, stop lying. Ansari taunts her. He says there is a big mess. She says weird theories. Abhay and Peroz talk to Meena. Meena tells her condition. Abhay asks Peroz not to cheat. Peroz says let me see. Sia says help each other. Peroz and Abhay still try to diagnose and ask Dr. Ali. Dr. Ali says time is up, Abhay wins the round. Peroz says I also connected. Abhay says I told it first.

Abhay gets a point. Deepika comes to the hospital. Chakravorty says you took a leave today. She says I came to check some post op patients. He says Vikrant also took a leave, any problem. She says all fine, I just have to check patients. He says don’t worry about the drugs theft. She asks is the thief caught. He says we have installed cctv cameras in the restricted access area, we can see who is taking it. She says if anyone is caught, then what happens. He says we will suspend him and send him to rehab, addiction is also an illness, we will help him and make him better, we will make sure that every patient is safe. She says right.

Peroz says don’t make Ansari win the round. Abhay says I want Sia to win. Sia asks all okay, are you fine. Abhay says yes, I want my fiancee to win, what’s the problem. She says its strange, what’s happening. Peroz says focus on competition now. Peroz and Sia are called for the round. Dr. Ali jokes about the next case. He says come on jokers, you have no sense of humours. He tells the symptoms. Sia and Peroz also say the same theory and argue. Abhay cares for Sia. Ansari jokes on him. Sia guesses it right and wins. Dr. Ali says you are right about the food borne illness found in pregnant women, well done.

Suman says Aditi should be here, she is your wife. Vikrant says don’t call her. He stops Suman. She says she will take care of you. He says I don’t need you. She asks are you again after Deepika. He shouts. His hand gets shaking. She worries and asks are you fine.

Dr. Ali ask Peroz to not get him insulted. He says our next two contestants are Peroz and Ansari. Dr. Ali asks Prince not to use medical terms. Ansari and Peroz try to find out the issue. Peroz disagrees with Ansari. Dr. Ali goes and gives the point to Peroz. He says you kept my respect. Vikrant tries to help himself. Suman goes and calls Deepika. She says come back, I can’t handle him alone, he is shaking, he isn’t able to fix the IV. Deepika says I will guide you. Suman says come soon and help him. Deepika disconnects.

Episode ends.

Deepika says you should have not come here, I m going to tell Chakravorty right now. Vikrant and Suman are on the way. He rushes in speed and says I want to see if Deepika cares for me. She asks him to stop the car. He hits somewhere.

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