Dhadkan Upcoming Story: Deepika and Vikrant to come close?


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Dhadkan becomes has become a popular show. With, the love triangle between Deepika, Vikrant and Abhay intensifying. Viewers will see a major track with Abhay confessing his love to Deepika. With so much on the plate of Deepika, she goes into shock by listening to the confession. What happens next and how this love story is taken ahead will surely be interesting to watch!

In the ongoing track, Deepika gets irritated by Vikrant’s mood swings and also due to the fact that he is lying to his wife. Abhay gets to know Vinayak’s side of the story too and thinks to forgive him. Vinayak and Abhay share a father son bonding time. Whereas, Peroz shocks Abhay by telling him he is on side of Sia. Abhay sees Deepika’s changed behaviour and decides to confess his feelings. Abhay confesses his feelings and Deepika is shocked and doesn’t reply anything. Later, Abhay sees Deepika talking with Vikrant. Here, Vikrant feels concerned for Deepika so he arranges lunch for Deepika in her cabin with some help.

Deepika behaves rudely with Vikrant as she wants Aditi to know the truth so Vikrant assures her that he will talk to Aditi more frequently so that she doesn’t have issue and the reason why he can’t tell her is because she might become suspicious. Deepika clarifies with Abhay how she doesn’t feel the same way for him but Abhay says he knows that Deepika feels the same way and blames Deepika for having affair with Vikrant who is a married man. Deepika gets angry and makes Abhay go away.

Ali sees the tussle between Sia and Ansari and decides to improve the situation, so he gives a task to Sia, Ansari and Peroz and makes Sia the team leader. Later at night, Deepika and Vikrant will be seen spending some light moments and then discussing about old days standing by the window. A upset and devastated Abhay sees them and gets enraged.

In the upcoming episodes, Deepika will be threatened and blackmailed by Abhay that he knows Vikrant is a drug addict and he will report him. Deepika will try to defend Vikrant and will ask Abhay not to do so. Abhay will decide to go to DC. Deepika will follow him while they will get shocked to see Vikrant go into DC’s cabin.

How will Deepika face this next challenge?

Will Sia get to know about Abhay’s love for Deepika?

Will Vikrant be able to move on?

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