Dhadkan Upcoming Story: Nikhil to help Deepika!


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Dhadkan becomes has become a popular show. With, Aditi meeting with an accident, tables have turned. Deepika takes in charge of the surgery and failing in saving Aditi, the show has taken a turn putting Vikrant in a dark phase. It will be interesting to watch how will the equations be now between Deepika and Vikrant?

In the ongoing track, Sia and Ansari have a conflict over their newly opened clinic and Ansari starts to show his real colours and selfishness. Deepika gives flowers to Aditi on her last rite, Vikrant takes her to his room and cries while Deepika consoles her. Vikrant come back to work without taking a break and he freezes during a process. Deepika gets a job offer from Nikhil who is CEO of medtech hospital equipment company. Later, Vikrant makes Deepika doubt herself due to which she fumbles inside the OT and lets Abhay handle the operation.

Deepika declines the job offer given by Nikhil and appoints his case to her senior doctor. Nikhil makes Deepika belive in herself again and make her trust what she did with Aditi was the best possible way. Deepika doesn’t let doubt come in her mind about her talent and make Vikrant also understand how she is not responsible for it. Vikrant imagines Aditi and panics.

In the upcoming episodes, Deepika will ask Peroz to be with Vikrant and monitor him.

How will Deepika face this next challenge? How will Deepika handle another scandal?

Will Sia get to know about Abhay’s love for Deepika? Will Vikrant be able to move on?

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