Dharam Patni Upcoming Story: Kavya behaves like a lunatic at being arrested

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The colors show Dharam Patni is all about bad decisions, love and Pratiksha’s fight for her rights. 

Malhar begins the episode by playing videos of Kavya tainting food with too much salt and chilly and combining it on the day of puja. Malhar claims that he is currently exposed. Although Kavya acknowledges that she has gone to great lengths to achieve her goals, she was left with no other choice.

She would be arrested, according to Malhar, since she is guilty. According to Kavya, she would initially converse with Pratiksha. Pratiksha asks Ravi for his support and thanks him for giving him the strength to battle and prevail on his own. Pratiksha and Kavya walk inside to discuss. 

Manvi requests that Deep ask Malhar not to detain Kavya. Malhar claims that Pratiksha asked him to speak to her alone and to leave the rest of the family out of this conversation.

Kavya steps in and they begin to argue about family and other things. Pratiksha recalls the incident when they called her names. Pratiksha provokes Kavya by declaring that tonight is their suhaag raat. Pratiksha is being pushed by Kavya, but Ravi stops her.

Malhar is asked to take action by Kavya. Pratiksha is grabbed by Kavya, who tells her to leave Ravi. Ravi yells at Kavya, telling her to calm down and stop being so crazy. Kavya claims she will murder Pratiksha. According to Ravi, Kavya acted in a very improper way.

Ravi is urged by Kavya to remember that Pratiksha is to blame for all that occurs in this home. She talks like a complete moron and insists that she did nothing wrong. Pratiksha will undoubtedly be expelled from her life when she returns. Ravi will become her own. While Malhar requests that the constables place handcuffs on her, Ravi advises her to calm down.

After that, they take her away. Manvi tells Kavya not to worry since she will phone Gulshan immediately away and urge him to bring her out before leaving. Manvi informs Gulshan through phone that Kavya has been taken into custody. When Kavya tells Malhar to stop doing this, he puts her in jail.

In the next episode, Kavya would be seen coming back with Gulshan and Manvi. Would Gulshan’s anger bring a storm in the Randhawa house ?

To know what happens next stay tuned to this space. 

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