Dharam Patni Upcoming Story: Pratiksha tells Malhar that he is her worst enemy!

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The colors show Dharam Patni is all about bad decisions, love and Pratiksha’s fight for her rights.

Pratiksha reflects on what just happened at the beginning of the episode. Pratiskha begins removing her clothing from Kinjal’s closet. She states that she won’t store her belongings here when Kinjal asks. They would be kept in Ravi’s cabinet.

Relationships don’t necessarily end just because there is scepticism. When Ravi walks into her room, he tells Pratiksha that he can’t explain why his heart has broken.

He claims that she doesn’t even understand his current state of emotion. Tears welling up in Ravi’s eyes, he exits her room. He claims that he doesn’t even understand why he values her so highly.

Kavya rushes over to Manvi and exclaims that today she is on the ninth cloud and that she is ecstatic about all that took transpired.

Manvi claims that by discarding Pratiksha’s belongings, she made the right decision. She requests that Kavya set up her belongings today just. She gives in to her mother’s request and gathers all of her belongings to move into Ravi’s room.

Ravi is to spank Pratiksha in front of everyone at Manvi’s request. When Kavya hears it, she predicts that her wishes will come true and that Ravi would personally order Pratiksha out of the house.

Pratiksha makes the decision to refuse to accept her loss because she needs Ravi and his broken heart. She tells herself that Ravi is the love of her life.

Kavya walks inside Ravi’s room as he enters it. What is she doing here, he wonders. According to Kavya, she has always had ownership of this space and it is her right. She is informed by Ravi that he has no desire to explain anything to her. Kavya makes personal contact with Ravi.

Ravi tells Kavya to stop because he finds it unpleasant. Pratiksha would prove herself, according to Ravi. If he still believes Pratiksha is pure, Kavya queries. Pratiksha calls Malhar and queries his motives for what he did to her. Malhar queries Pratiksha as to whether or not they were in love.

Pratiksha questions why he is stating all of this given that they never wed. Malhar claims he loved Pratiksha and was about to marry her, but their fate conspired against them, so he won’t lose to anyone. Pratiksha is urged to come to Malhar and is instructed to always keep her safe.

Pratiksha claims that she views him as nothing more than an enemy—just an unknown person. To get her for himself, he vows to do anything! Ravi is courted by Kavya, who claims to be pure. Ravi admits to Kavya that he never chose her.

In the next episode, Pratiksha would be seen proving herself innocent and getting married to Ravi with the family’s honour. 

To know more, stay tuned to this space. 

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