Dharam Patni Upcoming Story: Ravi will complain about Gulshan!


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Colors TV’s popular show Dharam Patni is a love hate story of a simple sweet school teacher Pratiksha Parekh and a buisness tycoon Ravi Randhawa. How two different people of different social status and background will come together due to marriage and fall in love eventually will be interesting to watch.

In the previous episode, Aditya arrives and requests Ravi to come downstairs immediately. Gulshan slaps Aditya. Ravi requests that he beat him up but spare Aditya. Aditya apologises to Gulshan.

Ravi states that he wishes to listen to Aditya first and requests that Gulshan allow him to speak. Pratik arrives at the home of Randhawa. Amardeep inquires about Pratik’s request. Pratik explains that he has come to bring Ravi along so that he can return with Pratiksha.

Amardeep says Ravi won’t do it ever. Gulshan criticises Pratik for having excessive expectations. Ravi is called a liar by Pratik. Mandeep rejects any relationship between Pratiksha and the Randhawa family.

Pratik claims he has evidence that Ravi married Pratiksha in front of their eyes. Amardeep and Gulshan do not recognise the marriage. Gulshan states that no one from their families attended the wedding of Ravi and Pratiksha.

Gulshan requests that Pratik inform Pratiksha that he is between her and the Randhawa residence. Amardeep asks that Pratik do whatever he desires. Harneet states that the police will be called.

Pratik requests that she proceed because he has no fear of anyone. Amardeep requests that he take money and leave the residence. Gulshan declares that Ravi will marry Kavya the following day.

In the upcoming episode, Ravi complains about Gulshan to Mandeep. Mandeep does pay attention to him. Pratiksha fills her hairline with sindoor for Ravi.

To know what happens next stay tuned to Dharam Patni on Colors TV/Voot app and this space.