Dharam Patni Upcoming Story: Ravi will decide to keep his promise!


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Colors TV’s popular show Dharam Patni is a love hate story of a simple sweet school teacher Pratiksha Parekh and a buisness tycoon Ravi Randhawa. How two different people of different social status and background will come together due to marriage and fall in love eventually will be interesting to watch.

In the previous episode, According to the doctor, Kavya should be observed for the next two to three days. Gulshan prepares to call an ambulance to transport Kavya back home.

Doctor requests that Kavya not be relocated in her current condition. Ravi informs him that he intends to stay with Kavya and care for her. Gulshan loses his composure and grabs Ravi by the collar.

He vows that Ravi will never experience happiness and that the entire Randhawa family will suffer for his actions. He holds Ravi more accountable than Pratiksha for whatever misfortune befell his family. Gulshan rejects any sort of relationship with the Randhawas. Amardeep attempts to comfort him.

Ravi claims he only married Pratiksha for revenge. Gulshan slaps and assaults Ravi. Manvi tells Ravi that Keerti’s soul must be in agony now that she has witnessed what Ravi has done to her sister.

Ravi regrets marrying Pratiksha. He requests Pratiksha to leave his life, but she refuses. Ravi fails in his attempt to end the marriage. Pratiksha shares about her condition with Parul and Kinjal. Kavya gains consciousness. Ravi and Kavya converse.

In the upcoming episode, Kavya inquires about Ravi’s next step. Ravi claims he will keep his word and marry Kavya soon. Kavya asks Ravi to end her suffering and accept her as his wife.

To know what happens next stay tuned to Dharam Patni on Colors TV/Voot app and this space.