Dheere Dheere Se 10th February 2023 Written Update: Raghav’s health deteriorates


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The episode starts with Bhawana fills the form for Raghav while the Srivastav’s reaches there. Bhawana leaves. Brij Mohan inquires the receptionist about Raghav and the nurse takes the family members to Raghav’s treatment room. They all gets sad seeing Raghav’s condition. Savita breaksdown. Brij Mohan says that he will soon find out who is behind all this also he is glad whoever helped Raghav to reach the hospital. In Shastri’s house Meera asks Abhishek about Bhawana’s whereabouts.

Abhishek asks her to remain calm. Meera taunts Bhawana who always reaches a little late. Bhanu scolds Malini for giving the responsibility to Bhawana even after all the mistakes she made. Malini decides to call Bhawana. Poonam arrives there and taunts Meera for visiting the house before marriage. In the hospital Bhawana gets relieved seeing Raghav’s family there. She decides to tell them that she is the one who admitted Raghav in the hospital but decides not to because it may create more misunderstanding. She decides to leave but gets worried finding both side Raghav’s family members. She rushes to one of the hospital room. Just then she receives a call from Malini and the latter asks her about her whereabouts. Bhawana realises that she failed to take lehenga with her to the hospital. Swati follows Bhawana. Bhawana gets shocked seeing Swati and gets worried. Swati acts and says to Bhawana to not to worry and asks her to wait in a room until the family members are here then leaves when Savita calls Swati for water. Malini informs Meera there is yet to finish the lehenga so she has to wait for some more time and convinces her to stay. Bhanu says to himself that he won’t spare Bhawana this time.

Bhawana gets worried seeing the numerous calls from Malini. She then answers the call and realises it’s Aanchal. Aanchal inquires Bhawana about her whereabouts also both Bhanu and Malini is angry with her. Bhawana informs her that she left the lehenga in the auto itself. Aanchal advices Bhawana to find the lehenga at any cost. Bhawana obliges. Aanchal senses someone overheard and wonders who it must be. Bhawana hears the doctor is talking about Raghav’s health which is deteriorating. In Shastri’s house Vidya decides to tell everyone that Bhawana lost Meera’s lehenga so she starts crying and informs everyone about it. Meera Bhanu and Malini gets shocked. Aanchal gets worried. Malini goes to her room and screams out of anger. Brij Mohan asks Gaurav to find out who is behind all this. Gaurav obliges. Bhawana prays to God to save Raghav at any cost and not to make his family members suffer.

Swati comes there and informs Bhawana that she won’t tell anyone that she is the one who admitted Raghav in the hospital also about their friendship. Bhawana gets shocked but relaxed falling into Swati’s ploy. She then receives a voice note from Malini asking her to bring back the lehenga at any cost and return home only after she gets it. Bhawana wonders how come Malini learn about this though. Swati hears the voice note and smirks.

In Shastri’s house Abhishesk tries to calm down an angry and upset Meera. He suggests to buy new lehenga if they fails to find the lost one. Meera tells Abhishek that it’s not easy to find the one she likes it also blames Bhawana for always spoiling her wedding events. She then receives a call from her mother and gets scared. She informs the Shastri’s that she failed to inform her mother about her visit. Malini answers the call and informs Meera’s mother that she took Meera with her when she met her in the market.

Meera’s mother asks Malini to send lehenga with Meera. Malini disconnects the call which makes Meera’s mother grows suspicious that the Shastri’s are hiding something from them. In the hospital the Srivastav’s and Bhawana recalls the moments they shared with Raghav and gets sad. They all prays for Raghav’s recovery. Brij Mohan decides to find out who is behind all this and decides not to spare that person. The doctor comes out and informs Raghav is out of danger.

Bhawana gets relieved hearing it and decides to find out where the lehenga is. Meera questions Abhishek about Bhawana’s love and care for him. She also tells that she is leaving because she don’t think she will get her lehenga. Meera’s mother arrives there and asks the Shastri’s what Meera is saying which shocks everyone. Bhawana enters the house. Meera’s mother accuses Bhawana for always spoiling her daughter’s wedding and demands an answer from her. Malini also asks Bhawana about the lehenga. Bhawana remains silent. Swati arrives there with the lehenga and says it’s here. The Shastri’s looks on shocked.

Precap: The inspector asks Bhawana to tell the truth whether Bhanu is behind Raghav’s attack? Bhawana remains silent. The inspector decides to leave but Bhawana stops him and says it’s true that Bhanu is behind Raghav’s attack shocking Bhanu and Malini. Bhanu threatens Bhawana about the consequences before going with the cops. Raghav looks at Bhawana and smiles.

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