Dheere Dheere Se 10th March 2023 Written Update: Brij Mohan and Raghav gets into a heated argument


The episode starts with Raghav goes to his house with sweet boxes in his hand. Savita notices him and asks him what’s in his hand. Raghav goes to Brij Mohan and says the first time a father lied to his son to do what he wish to. Brij Mohan says that whatever he done to Bhawana is what the latter deserves. Raghav says that not only Bhawana but no one deserves this kind of humiliation. He then says Bhawana is a widow living with a teenage daughter. If his own family can treat this way to a woman then what can he expect from the other’s. He then adds that not outside but inside the family members only torture and put the woman in a situation to make her feel helpless and asks her to remain silent for the sake of family. He further tells that he himself decides to help Bhawana because he felt that’s right but not even once thought his family will treat Bhawana this way. Brij Mohan tries to shut him up but fails so raises his hand which shocks everyone.

Raghav asks Brij Mohan to slap him because he won’t feel bad but what he has done with Bhawana that hurt him the most. He then asks Brij Mohan if anyone treats his family woman in a not good way then Brij Mohan wouldn’t have spared that person but this very rule isn’t applicable for others? He also says that he didn’t expect this from him then questions Gaurav Savita and Swati for not stopping Brij Mohan’s inhumane act. He further says the woman is another woman’s enemy which has been proven today also. Swati tries to speak but Raghav stops her. Brij Mohan asks Raghav to stop his defense because it’s not a court but his house. He also addresses Bhawana without her name.

Raghav tells him the woman name is Bhawana Shastri. Brij Mohan tries to leave but Raghav stops him and says the argument isn’t over yet. Today he is Bhawana’s lawyer and judge and his verdict is what they did to Bhawana isn’t right. He then tells that Bhawana shifted to her Barsati on her own and their attempts to break her failed because God is with Bhawana. Swati gets shocked. Here Aanchal and Bhawana expresses their happiness for shifting to Barsati and fulfilling Deepak’s dream. Bhawana says that she didn’t expect from Jagjivan will support them. Aanchal also reminds her about Raghav’s help. Bhawana praises Raghav. She then instructs Aanchal to bring bags from downstairs. Aanchal obliges.

Bhanu vent out his anger and frustration because Jagjivan allowed Bhawana to stay in the Barsati. Malini says that Bhawana will now fly high as she have Jagjivan’s support. She further asks what they are going to do about it. Bhanu says that he have to do something to bring Jagjivan on their side. Bhawana and Aanchal comes to the market for shopping. Bhawana gets shocked finding Raghav there. Raghav inquires Bhawana about her well being and Aanchal’s. He further expresses his happiness of seeing Aanchal’s bold behaviour. He also calls Bhawana a brave woman. Bhawana smiles.

Raghav then apologises to Bhawana for whatever happened to her because of his family. Bhawana says he isn’t at fault also she decides not to give importance to people’s words a long time back. Raghav says he can’t tolerate if anyone says anything to her. Bhawana gets confused. Raghav clarifies Bhawana its because she is his friend. He then gives a gift to Bhawana saying it’s to keep an evil eye off of her and also he will be there to protect her. Bhawana recalls Brij Mohan and Maliini’s words. She tells him just like him even she don’t like when someone says something about him so asks him to stop worrying about him and move on in his life. Raghav asks what about her. Bhawana looks on.

Precap: Savita tells Raghav that she wants to talk to him then takes him aside saying she found a girl for him. Raghav gets shocked and says he isn’t interested in marriage. He then sees Aanchal is speaking with Bhawana over a video call and smiles.