Dheere Dheere Se 14th March 2023 Written Update: Shastri’s and Srivastav’s celebrates Holi

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The episode starts with both the Shastri’s and Srivastav’s plays Holi. Bhawana decides to close the window too so that she can’t get distracted. She then comes out of the balcony and watches the celebration with a smile on her face. She feels strange not seeing Raghav but gets happy seeing Aanchal playing Holi. Raghav comes out of the house and recalls the promise he made to Aanchal then gets determined to fulfill it. He then wishes neighbour’s Holi when they comes to apply colours on him. Devraj gets excited to have baang but then he receives a call so he leaves the glasses there. Raghav watches everyone playing Holi and wonder’s how people are celebrating Holi in this weather condition. He then have the baang and gets intoxicated. Devraj gets shocked seeing Raghav having the baang and prays God the Holi celebration to go smooth.

Raghav plays the dhol and dances around with everyone in his intoxicated state. He applies colours on his family members except Brij Mohan. He drags his family members to dance with him and happily dances around with everyone. Abhishek applies colours on Dimple. Raghav imagines Bhawana arriving there. Bhawana tells him that she is here for him to apply the colour on her first. Raghav gets happy.

He applies colours on her and wishes her. Bhawana asks him is that all he wants to say and encourages him to confess to her whatever he wants to say. She then throws colours at him. Raghav closes his eyes then looks back and finds she isn’t there and realises he imagined her. He then gets determined to confess his feelings to Bhawana because that’s what Bhawana advised him in his imagination. Raghav leaves the place. Savita sees him leaving and gets tensed. Bhawana thinks that both families are celebrating Holi happily and she is happy witnessing it. She then goes to prepare food for everyone. Raghav in his intoxicated state recalls Bhawana’s words about her favorite festival is Holi. He tells himself that he will make sure that Bhawana once again plays Holi. Here Shastri’s dances with one another happily.

Raghav reaches the Shastri’s house. Bhanu arrives there and signs at him what is he doing here. Raghav tells him that he is here to confess Bhawana his wish to apply colour on her and make her life colourful. Bhanu stares at him. Raghav further confesses his feelings for Bhawana and asks Bhanu to convey the same to her. He then tells Bhanu that he isn’t afraid seeing him angry. Bhawana hears Raghav’s voice but thinks it’s her imagination only then goes inside. Bhanu tells Raghav that he isn’t a mail man so asks Raghav to confess his feelings to Bhawana on his own.

Raghav gets surprised. Bhawana hears Bhanu’s words so she decides to check what’s happening outside but her saree gets stuck so she struggles to remove it. Meanwhile Raghav asks Bhanu is he seriously asking him to confess his feelings to Bhawana? Bhanu says yes. The FB shows Bhanu having the baang made by Devraj. The FB ends. Bhanu and Raghav hugs each other. Bhawana opens the door and finds no one outside so she goes back inside. Here Bhanu in his intoxicated state encourages Raghav to confess his feelings to Bhawana. He also tells Raghav about his first love. Raghav asks Bhanu to bless him then lies on the ground infront of Bhanu. Bhanu blesses him. Brij Mohan sees something and gets shocked.

Precap: Aanchal and Raghav dances around Bhawana singing a Holi song. They both then encourages her to play Holi. Bhawana shouts at them to stop then says she is a widow. She further scolds Raghav for his childish act. Raghav tells Bhawana that her today’s decision may change the entire life of women in future but if she wants to remain the same then be it. Bhawana looks on.

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