Dheere Dheere Se 15th March 2023 Written Update: Bhawana feels pressurised!


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The episode starts with Bhanu blesses Raghav in his intoxicated state to get Raghav his love back. He then decides to record this moment. Raghav and Bhanu records a video of them own. Bhanu says in the video that Raghav loves Bhawana and he is going to confess his love for her. They both then poses for a photo. Bhanu then instructs Raghav where to find Bhawana and encourages him to confess his love. Here Bhawana gets upset with herself wishing to play Holi. She scolds herself for the same. Raghav in his intoxicated state comes to the Shastri’s house. Savita stops Raghav from knocking the door and asks him what is he doing here.

Raghav asks why there is two Savita infront of him. Savita gets worried noticing Raghav is intoxicated state. Raghav tells her that he loves her too also he wants to talk to Bhawana. Savita takes him home. Bhawana hears a laughing sound. She gets shocked seeing her youngerself. Her younger self asks Bhawana why she isn’t playing Holi and reminds her about playing Holi with everyone. Bhawana closes her eyes out of frustration.

Here the Shastri’s finds Bhanu in an intoxicated state acting like a kid. Amit sits beside Bhanu. Meanwhile Bhawana asks her youngerself to go away saying she can’t play Holi. Her youngerself says to her she isn’t scared of Bhanu or anyone but herself. Bhawana shouts go away by closing her eyes and ears. Savita scolds Raghav for having baang. She also asks him what she wants to talk to Bhawana. Raghav becomes clueless. He then tells Savita about meeting someone and taking photos with them but unable to recall who is is. Meanwhile Bhanu tells his family members taking video and photos with someone.

Amit asks him to show it. Bhanu’s phone gets stuck so he fails to play the recording to his family members. Savita tells Raghav about her stopped himself from going to the Shastri’s house in his intoxicated state. She once again tries to get to know the reason behind him wanting to meet Bhawana. Raghav tries hard to recall but fails. He then thinks himself whoever it is he spend time that he isn’t too close with that person.

Later Aanchal meets Raghav and reminds her their determination to make Bhawana celebrate Holi but the festival is nearing the end. Raghav apologises to Aanchal saying by mistake he had baang then wonders how to convince Bhawana. Aanchal says only miracle to happen. Raghav gets an idea. Here Bhawana hears someone comes to get offering. She gives the money and Sweet to the man who is wearing mask. The masked men enters the house. Bhawana gets shocked and runs outside to get help. Aanchal takes Bhawana aside and the latter says how they should alert the family members about the intruder but Aachal smiles and signs at Bhawana the other side. Bhawana gets shocked when the men in mask approach her. She then gets furious finding it’s none other than Raghav.

Raghav and Aanchal dances around her and brings colours with them. Bhawana shouts at them to stop. She then scolds Aanchal then asks Raghav how could he encourage Aanchal this way. Raghav asks her the reason behind her not wants to celebrate Holi. Bhawana shouts it’s because she is a widow. Raghav mocks at her thought process. He then reminds her, how her becoming a widow never changed the nature’s care, Aanchal’s love and God’s love and blessings for her. He further tells her despite Jagjivan losing Deepak who is his son celebrating Holi then why she can’t. Bhawana looks on shocked.

Precap: Bhawana plays with the colour. Raghav gets happy seeing it. Bhanu gets furious and pours water on Bhawana infront of everyone.

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