Dheere Dheere Se 16th March 2023 Written Update: Brij Mohan-Savita stops Raghav from standing up for Bhawana


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The episode starts with Raghav taunts Bhawana saying Bhawana give importance to the society’s words not Deepak’s happiness. But he warns her about what the future for the young girls are going to be then leaves. Aanchal also leaves the place. Dhara sees her youngerself again who asks her why she is punishing herself then disappears. Bhawana looks on. She then recalls Malini and Bhanu’s words. She also recalls Aanchal’s stand for her against the family members also Raghav’s words and her youngerself advices. Raghav is on his way but gets shocked seeing Bhawana with a plate full of colours in her hand.

Bhawana throws the colours around her happily. Raghav gets happy seeing it. Aanchal also arrives there and gets happy. Bhawana closes her eyes and enjoys the colours. Bhanu and family gets shocked seeing Bhawana playing with the colours. Savita and Swati also few neighbors watches this. Vidya asks what Bhawana is doing here. Swati asks whether Bhawana had baang or something. Bhanu shouts Bhawana’s name. Bhawana gets shocks and drops the plate. Bhanu then throws a water on her which shocks everyone.

Bhanu questions Bhawana her act. He reminds her about Deepak’s demise also it’s not even a year the stragery happened yet Bhawana is playing with colours which is wrong. Raghav asks Bhanu what wrong act Bhawana did. Bhanu warns Brij Mohan about the consequences if the latter doesn’t take Raghav inside. Brij Mohan scolds Raghav and asks him to go inside. Raghav refuses and tries to defend Bhawana but both Brij Mohan and Savita drags him inside the house saying it’s Shastri’s family matter.

Bhawana goes inside the house. Aanchal follows her. Bhanu badmouths Bhawana infront of everyone. Bhawana looks at her reflection in the mirror then goes to freshen up. Aanchal pleads Bhawana to open the door saying it’s not her mistake.

Brij Mohan throws water on Raghav and taunts him for standing up for Bhawana. Raghav says to Brij Mohan infront of others he will remain silent but not now which shocks both Brij Mohan and Savita. Swati gets happy water this from outside the room. Brij Mohan tries to badmouth Bhawana but Raghav warns him then leaves the place. Savita cries hard. Here Bhawana beats herself asking why did she gives into others words and played Holi. She knows what she will have to face then why did she ended up committing a mistake and regrets her actions. She cries hard.

Aanchal fails to convince Bhawana to open the door. At night Bhawana comes downstairs. She thinks that Jagjivan must be hurt because of whatever happened so decides to apologise to him. She hears knocking on the door so goes to check who it is. A courier man delivers a letter which is for Jagjivan then leaves. Bhawana gives the letter to Jagjivan then goes to bring him water. She comes out with water and apologises to Jagjivan for hurting him with her act. She gets confused when Jagjivan doesn’t reply so she goes infront of him and asks what happened.

Jagjivan falls to the ground clutching his chest and pleads Bhawana to not to tell anyone this secret and falls unconscious. Bhawana calls out the family members. Bhanu accuses Bhawana for Jagjivan’s condition then takes him to the hospital. Malini stops Bhawana from going with him to the hospital. Bhawana wonders whether she is the reason behind Jagjivan’s state? She then reads the letter and says the secret is related to thirty years back and looks on confusedly.

Precap: Bhawana meets Jagjivan in the hospital. The latter asks her to hide the secret from everyone or else everything will get ruined. Meanwhile Bhanu drops some paper the same time the letter falls near Bhanu.

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