Dheere Dheere Se 17th March 2023 Written Update: Raghav learns about Jagjivan’s health condition


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The episode starts with the doctor checks up Jagjivan. He then tells the family members it’s a minor heart attack and the patient is stable now. But they have to do some test of Jagjivan until then suggests to keep him under observation. Malini blames Bhawana for Jagjivan’s state. The Shastri’s gets relieved that Jagjivan is stable now. Bhawana prepares food for everyone and feels happy that Jagjivan is out of danger now. She then looks at the letter which Jagjivan received and wonders what secret is written in it. Malini calls Bhawana and scolds her for not bringing them food for yet. Bhawana says she is on her way then leaves the place. The letter in the kitchen cabinet falls from there.

Here, Raghav makes ginger tea for Gaurav and tells Swati that he is using this opportunity to diffuse the tension between him and Gaurav. Swati lies to Raghav that Gaurav is still sleeping. She then tells him Gaurav is upset with what happened in Barsati case. Raghav decides to clear the misunderstanding between him and Gaurav. Swati suggests Raghav to talk to Gaurav after few days. Raghav obliges then leaves to meet his client. Swati gets determined to create a rift between the Srivastav’s brother’s.

Raghav meets Bhawana outside the house and inquires where is she going. Bhawana tells him about Jagjivan’s condition who is hospitalized now and going to the hospital then leaves there in an auto rickshaw. Swati gives Gaurav the tea prepared by Raghav as she made it. She then tells Gaurav that she did informed Raghav that he is stressed but Raghav went to attend a client meeting. Gaurav gets upset. Swati acts and asks Gaurav to not to get upset. Bhawana reaches the hospital. She gets sad seeing Jagjivan’s state. Bhanu and Malini accuses Bhawana for Jagjivan’s state. Bhawana pleads them not to continue this conversation infront of Jagjivan. They both leaves angrily. Bhawana pleads Jagjivan to gain his consciousness and they can talk about the letter which has secret and find a solution together. Here Amit informs the family members about doctor’s advice to keep a full time nurse for Jagjivan. The family members worries about the expenses. Bhawana insists to take care of Jagjivan. Amit and Bhanu agrees. Malini taunts Bhawana and the latter gets sad.

Later, Jagjivan gains his consciousness. He gets stressed talking about the letter he received. Bhawana tries to calm him down saying the letter is in the house only. Jagjivan pleads her to hide the letter from the family members or else everything will get ruined. Bhawana gets confused but obliges to find the letter. Here Bhanu works something and one of his notes fall down. The letter also falls near Bhanu.

Bhanu takes the letter but drops when Aanchal brings him water. The letter flies away from there which Bhanu fails to notice. Bhawana waits for auto rickshaw. Raghav arrives there and insists to drop her nearby their street. Bhawana agrees. Raghav asks her the reason behind her looking stressed. Bhawana refuses to tell him anything. Raghav makes a joke which brings a smile on Bhawana’s face. Bhawana thanks Raghav after reaching the street. She then asks him what he was doing near the hospital. Raghav lies that he was there to take Savita’s reports. Bhawana leaves. Savita watches this from far and gets shocked. Bhawana comes home and gets relieved seeing the letter on the floor but before she could pick it up its falls on the pile of clothes. Vidya takes the clothes and scolds Bhawana for trying to touch the things after coming from the hospital. Bhawana goes to clean herself using the ganga water. Vidya asks what is this. Bhawana gets shocked and goes infront of Vidya. Vidya stares at Bhawana.

Precap: Bhawana gets determined to find the secret. She goes to the courier shop and learns Bansi isn’t working there. She gets shocked. She then runs behind a man to catch him. Bhawana gets shocked seeing the man.

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