Dheere Dheere Se 18th March 2023 Written Update: Bhawana gets determined to find out the secret


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The episode starts with Bhawana goes to clean herself with Ganga water and when she hears Vidya asking what it is. Bhawana gets shocked and goes infront of her. Vidya complains her about not washing the clothes properly. Bhawana agrees to wash the saree again. Vidya leaves. Bhawana gets relieved finding the letter. Here, Raghav gets happy with Savita bringing him his favorite drink. She then questions him whether he is alone or with someone. Raghav recalls dropping Bhawana. He then says he was indeed with someone then asks her why she is asking this all. Savita says to Raghav that they are living in a society where they should follow it rules to keep their respect themselves then leaves. Raghav tells himself that he understands what Savita is saying but he decides not to follow the rules. Meanwhile Bhawana hides the letter inside a pillow then decides to find out what the secret is. She recalls Bansi the courier man then decides to find out where the letter is from inquiring him. She pleads the security to show her the CCTV footage but the latter rudely behaves with her. Bhawana leaves the place getting upset. Meanwhile Dimple calls Abhishek and inquires him about Jagjivan’s health condition. Abhishek gets happy and saves her number.

Bhawana sees Raghav is scolding someone on the call so asks him who it is. Raghav tells her about the deliver guy failed to deliver the pizza in his address so he is complaining in the customer care. He also says how its important for them to take a stand and demand the rights then he leaves. Bhawana goes back to the security and asks him to show the CCTV footage or else threatens to take police help. The security agrees to show the CCTV footage. She takes the courier bags photo then leaves from there. Aanchal tells Bhawana that she lend the laptop from her friend to finish her project also tells her about how useful laptop is to get information. She then teaches Bhawana how to use the laptop then leaves to bring something. Bhawana uses the opportunity to take the courier office address. At midnight Raghav dreams about his intoxicated encounter with Bhanu. He wakes up and worries about Bhanu’s reaction if he recalled everything. He prays God to not to let anything such happen.

Here, Bhanu is gets upset his phone is getting stuck. He then sees the video of him and decides to play it but Malini interrupts him asking for money for daily expenses. Bhanu scolds her and firmly says to show her the bills of previous expenses then he will decide. Malini obliges. Bhanu then gets upset that his phone again get stuck. The next day Bhawana informs Raghav that she is going to buy medicine for Jagjivan then leaves. Raghav gets scared seeing Bhanu and goes inside. Bhanu gets surprised and confused with Raghav’s behavior. Bhawana goes to the courier office and learns no one is working there under the name of Bansi. She then sees a man is running away seeing her so she goes behind him to catch. Bhawana gets shocked realising the man isn’t Bansi. She wonders how to find about Bhanu. Here Dimple saves Jagjivan from falling to the ground. Malini rudely behaves with her and scolds Abhishek when Abhishek stands for Dimple. Bhawana decides to take Raghav’s help so calls him and requests him to meet her nearby temple. Raghav agrees. Bhawana receives a call from a man who warns her the outcome when the secret comes out also says his first target from the Shastri is her. Bhawana looks on shocked.

Precap: Bhawana receives a call from the mysterious man who asks her to follow his instructions to save her family. Bhawana obliges. The next day Bhawana tells the family members that she won’t do any work which shocks everyone.

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