Dheere Dheere Se 21st January 2023 Written Update: Malini scolds Bhawana


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The episode starts with Raghav looks at the Shastri’s house and sees the decorations are taking place and says something is happening in their house and says atleast because of this Bhawana won’t come to court. Gaurav and Raghav gets surprised finding Savita inside the car. Savita tells she already decided to go with them to the court but before that they are going to the temple first. Raghav and Gaurav gets into the car. Swati gives the phone to Savita saying she forget it. Savita says it’s always happen. Swati wishes both Raghav and Gaurav good luck then smirk looking at the way Raghav is looking at the Shastri’s house. In the Shastri’s house Bhanu arranges the name board for Abhishek and Meera’s engagement. He then scolds the workers who he thinks not doing the work properly.

He then expresses his happiness. Abhishek asks something without realising Bhanu tries to scold him first then calls Abhishek near him and asks not to work for a day because today is his engagement and he has to look best for Meera. Abhishek gets shy then leaves the place. Malini gets emotional and talks to Bhanu about their son being a small kid and the time flies fast and he is going to get married. Bhanu also agrees with her. He then asks Malini to check Bhawana is doing the kitchen work properly as she may mess it because of the Barsati hearing. Malini agrees to check on Bhawana. She goes to the kitchen and finds Bhawana prepared all the foods. She scolds Bhawana for trying to insult them because they may fail to serve the food hot.

Bhawana calms her down and explains her idea to keep the food warm. Malini gets happy and relieved. She then advices Bhawana to not to do something because of which Bhanu has to go through insults which she won’t like at all. She further asks Bhawana to return home soon also on her way asked to go to temple to get the Holy thread for Abhishek and Meera. Bhawana obliges.

Bhanu asks the workers who is doing the work outside the house to decorate the house beautifully also tells the Srivastav’s are going to fume in jealousy after seeing Meera’s family and their guests are rich. Bhawana arrives there. Bhanu advices her to not to do something because of which he may have to face humiliation. Bhawana assures him not to put him in a situation also reach the engagement ceremony on time then leaves.

Bhanu says to himself that what he thinks about Barsati will happen and looks on. Raghav is with Gaurav and Savita in the temple. Bhawana arrives there and stands beside Raghav. Raghav fails to see her first so he decides to leave but he senses Bhawana’s presence so turns around and gets shocked finding her there. The priest asks Bhawana is she is here to pray for her family because today is Abhishek’s engagement.

Bhawana tells that she always prays for her family but today she need God’s blessings and support because she is going to the court for the Barsati case hearing. Raghav gets shocked and recalls sending message to Bhawana the previous night. Bhawana tells the priest the case is more important to her because it’s her late husband Deepak’s last wish so she won’t and can’t lose it at any cost. Raghav gets stunned hearing Bhawana’s revelation. Gaurav calls out Raghav and the latter tells him he is coming and turns around and finds Bhawana already left.

Meera and family arrives with their guests to Shastri’s house. Meera’s mother puts up an act apologising coming earlier than they should as they worried about the traffic. Bhanu assures they are perfectly okay with their early arrival. Meera’s mother complains about the simple decoration but Bhanu reveals that the engagement will take place in a near by marriage hall which makes Meera happy. They all leaves for the marriage hall. Raghav tells Gaurav in the court the Barsati case which they ate fighting isn’t right. Gaurav tells him they can’t go against Brij Mohan’s decision. They both wishes good luck then Gaurav leaves.

Bhawana gets worried not finding Vaibhav in the court. She inquires about Vaibhav to one of his colleagues and the latter asks her to call him saying he must be stuck somewhere. Bhawana agrees. She then thinks Vaibhav must be inside the court room so decides to go but gets shocked seeing Raghav. She is about to walk past him Raghav apologises to her for sending message to back away from this case unaware it’s Deepak’s last wish. Bhawana asks him to never repeat this again. Raghav then praises Bhawana for her being brave and wishes her good luck also asks her to contact him if she needs any help because he will be around here only. Bhawana nods then leaves. Bhawana hears the staff is calling her case number so she rushes to him. The worker confirms that Vaibhav isn’t inside also the hearing is started so asks her to go inside. Bhawana looks on worriedly.

Precap: Manohar’s wife inquires Shastri’s about Bhawana’s whereabout saying they are running out of time. Bhanu thinks himself to not to spare Bhawana for this insult. The judge asks Bhawana about Vaibhav’s whereabout and scolds her for not being on time. Gaurav asks the judge to give verdict on Vikas’s favor which shocks Bhawana.

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