Dheere Dheere Se 25th January 2023 Written Update: Raghav opposes the celebration of Shastri’s


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The episode starts with Bhanu holds Deepak’s photo and says this is his brother’s photo and asks Bhawana to throw it out of the house. Everyone gets shocked. Bhanu tells that his brother must be crying from heaven and he knows Bhawana doesn’t consider this family as her’s but Deepak thought and says Deepak always considered Abhishek as his own daughter. If Deepak was alive then no matter what he would have arrived at the engagement on time. But what she has done made everyone wait and recalls Manohar’s wife questions. He then asks her where were she. Bhawana remains silent. Other side Raghav enters his house and Brij Mohan demands Raghav to answer him why he didn’t inform him what happened in the court. Raghav tenses and wonders whether Brij Mohan learned the truth.

Here Bhawana tells Bhanu that she knows how much she tried but… Bhanu intervenes says that one time if she makes an excuse then it’s acceptable but not many times. He further adds that because of her they have to face humiliation which isn’t a right thing. Bhawana apologises and promises not to repeat the same. Malini taunts Bhawana by asking whether she won the Barsati case. Bhawana recalls what happened in the court then remains silent. Malini warns her to not to repeat what she has done today in Abhishek’s wedding day also. Bhawana obliges and takes Deepak’s photo from Bhanu.

Bhanu signs at Malini then asks the latter to shift their things from their room to another place. Malini agrees. Bhawana gets confused and asks what they are saying it’s supposed to herself and Aanchal shift to the another room not them. Malini acts and says that she don’t want Bhawana to play victim card in front of the guests also it’s her son’s marriage so they have to sacrifice it then goes inside. Bhawana gets worried and pleads with Bhanu to make Malini understand. Other side Brij Mohan asks Raghav why he didn’t tell that his opponent who is a builder threatened him.

Raghav gets relieved hearing it. Savita gets shocked learning about the builder’s threat for Raghav. Brij Mohan praises Raghav and tells him that he learned through the clerk in the court. Savita does the ritual of keep the evil eye from Raghav which makes Brij Mohan joke at her. Swati gets irked seeing it and gets upset both Raghav and Bhawana isn’t getting caught but she has to do something to throw Raghav out of the house. Meanwhile the builder shouts at his workers and tells them he can’t afford losing the case if he loses the case then he will come to street and they all have to suffer also and asks them to collect information about Raghav.

One of his worker assures to collect Raghav’s informations also worries what will happen in their next hearing. The builder smirks and says that Raghav has to reach the court first though. In Shastri’s house Bhawana pleads with Bhanu to let her and Aanchal shift to the another room because Malini already have leg pain so she will suffer if she shifts to that place. Malini comes there. Bhanu acts and says to Bhawana to shift her room soon because there is lots of works left to do for Abhishek’s wedding. Bhawana assures him she will shift the room in a day and takes Aanchal inside to do the work. Bhanu and Malini looks at each other and smirks.

Later Bhanu recalls Afsal Khan’s warning then asks Malini to prepare the Aarti plate. Malini shares her worry about how they are going to manage the marriage expenses. Bhanu tells once his tempo returns then they can able to manage it. Malini informs Bhanu that the lawyer didn’t arrived at the hearing which she learned from Poonam. Bhanu says then it’s a good news for them. He also says that he will put Bhawana in her place and keeps on teaching her lessons also sell the Barsati for sure but before that he has to teach Afsal the lesson for humiliating him. Bhanu meets Afsal and returns the money. He sees there are few clients of Afsal there so he creates a scene by showing his disappointment towards Afsal for what he done which lead the clients to leave Afsal’s place.

Afsal gets upset and angry so warns Bhanu. He further thinks that he has to wait for an opportunity to use it on his favor and he is sure Bhanu’s action will bring it so soon. Brij Mohan expresses his happiness with Raghav and Gaurav also hope’s to destroy the Shastri’s using the Barsati case. Just then Bhanu arrives with tempo. Amit starts burning the fire crackers. Raghav worries some one may get hurt just then Aarav gets hurt. Raghav goes downstairs and tells Amit to Celebrate but not this way because anyone can get hurt even Aarav get hurt. Bhawana gets worries and goes inside. Amit taunts Raghav which makes Bhanu to praise him. Amit then deliberately fires the crackers. Raghav gets furious and slaps Amit which shocks everyone.

Precap: Both Raghav and Bhanu holds each other’s shirt and raises their fist. Bhawana calls Raghav Ji then questions him about his behavior. Later Malini questions what’s happening between her and Raghav because he listened to her words. Bhanu looks on.

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