Dheere Dheere Se 26th January 2023 Written Update: Vidya provokes Bhanu against Raghav


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The episode starts with Raghav tells Amit that he tried to advice him respectfully but he failed so he chose this way. Amit raises his hand on Raghav but the latter stops him. Gaurav rushes downstairs. Brij Mohan gets happy seeing and encourages Raghav to continue what he is doing. Gaurav and Bhanu goes to their respective family members. Bhanu insults Raghav by saying he fails to stop his wife by running away from him but he is acting this way towards them. Raghav gets furious. Bhanu further insults Brij Mohan. Raghav loses his temper and raises his fist. Bhanu also does the same. Bhawana arrives there and shouts Raghav Ji then goes to where Raghav and Bhanu is.

Raghav backsaway and looks at Bhawana. Brij Mohan asks why Raghav stopped himself. Swati thinks herself that Brij Mohan as no idea about Raghav and Bhawana’s connection. Bhawana asks Raghav what is he going to do. Raghav tells that he tried explaining about the consequences to her family but they fails to understand. Bhawana asks him is he decides to choose fight is the only way to make the other’s understand his views? She then apologises to Raghav and family from her family’s side. The Shastri’s looks on shocked. Bhawana gives an ointment to Raghav to apply on Aarav’s wound.

Gaurav takes it in his hand then goes inside with Raghav. Shastri’s also goes inside their house. Bhanu and Amit recalls Raghav slapping Amit. Vidya applies ointment on Amit. Bhawana gives ointment to Vidya and the latter questions her is Aarav is still coming to their house. Bhawana tells her he is a kid, she tried explaining him but he fails to understand. Vidya scolds Bhawana. Malini asks Bhawana her relationship with Raghav because after her words he stopped himself from fighting with them. Bhawana gets shocked then tells Malini if someone is in her place also Raghav would have stopped himself because she apologises to them on their behalf.

Bhanu asks Bhawana what’s the need to come in between the fights of men. Bhawana tells Bhanu that she don’t want her family members to get hurt also whatever she done is for the family only. Bhanu scolds Bhawana saying there is four men in the family who is capable of handling all this so asks her not to repeat this. He further warns Bhawana to not to have any relationship with the Srivastav’s because they are their enemies.

Bhawana apologises and agrees to follow Bhanu’s words. In Srivastav’s house Savita applies ointment on Raghav’s wound and scolds him for getting into a fight for small incident. Brij Mohan taunts Savita saying no matter the child grows up a mother always treat her kid as a child only. He further adds that if Bhawana didn’t intervened then he is sure Raghav is capable of teaching the Shastri’s a lesson. He also says that he is proud of Raghav then goes inside. Here Bhawana and Aanchal enters the store room. The room not even have light and it’s full of dust.

Aanchal complains to Bhawana about Bhanu’s behavior towards them. She also expresses her disappointment towards Bhawana because the latter is remaining silent and not taking a stand for herself when Bhanu scolds her. She also asks Bhawana why she didn’t told Meera’s family about the Barsati case hearing. Bhawana says they shouldn’t tell the outsider what’s happening in the family. She then diverts the subject saying they have to find a bulb to light up the room. Bhawana then recalls when Deepak was alive when similar situation arrived she tried to put bulb in it’s holder but fails and breaks the bulb and Deepak worries she may get hurt. Bhawana gets sad recalling it then asks Aanchal to bring bulb from outside. Aanchal obliges.

Bhawana tries to fix the wire connection. Aanchal gets shocked seeing Bhawana so she rushes to her and scolds her saying she may get electrocuted and tells the importance of wearing rubber slipper and gloves before she touch electricity. Other side Savita says that all credit goes to Bhawana who stopped the huge fight between both the family’s. Swati uses the opportunity and questions Raghav for backing away from the fight after hearing Bhawana’s words. Raghav gets tensed. Bhawana and Aanchal together fixes the electric connection then gets happy when the light gets switched on. Vidya expresses her disappointment with Bhanu for not taking a stand for Amit also insults him shocking Amit Bhanu and Malini.

Bhanu gets furious. Amit scolds Vidya then apologises to Bhanu on the latter’s behalf then goes inside with Vidya. Malini supports Vidya then instigates Bhanu against Bhawana. Aanchal tells Bhawana that she isn’t aware that Raghav can get this angry. She then asks Bhawana what she thinks whose fault is this? Bhawana tells her that she doesn’t know any of this all she knows is fighting with one another not going to benefit them so she did what she thought is right. Other side Savita praises Bhawana saying she is the only sensible person who stopped the fight also says daughter in law should be like her only. Raghav smiles.

Precap: Malini locks Bhawana and Aanchal’s room saying their things are outside and asks to shift it to a new room. Bhawana gets shocked. Bhanu says to Malini that he won’t spare Raghav and going to teach him a lesson. Later Bhanu goes behind Raghav to attack him when the latter is busy on the call.

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