Dheere Dheere Se 27th February 2023 Written Update: Bhawana’s competition material disappears


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The episode starts with Vidya escapes from Raghav. Then she tries to leave but Devraj locks the door. Malini calls her. Vidya informs her she is inside the house. Malini asks her to come outside the Srivastav’s house at any cost or else she will have to go to prison then disconnects the call. She then worries about the consequences of getting caught. Here Raghav sees Bhawana is yawning so asks her to go to sleep. Bhawana agrees but decides to wrap her things in a paper. Raghav notices the news about him and Bhawana is in the newspaper so he makes an excuse and takes it from her.

Vidya prays to God to help her get out of the house. The next day Aarushi inquires Malini about Vidya’s whereabout to get a sign in her text paper. Vidya arrives there and sends her to school after signing her text paper. Malini scolds Vidya for not completing the task given to her. Vidya shows her the bag which has Bhawana’s things in it. Malini gets happy. She praises Vidya and asks how she executed her plan though. The FB shows Vidya entering the room while Bhawana is asleep and takes the bag from it. Malini asks Vidya what she replaced it in place of Bhawana’s competition materials. Vidya looks on with a smirk.

Here, Raghav feeds sugar and curd to Bhawana and wishes her good luck for her competition. He then asks her to take Devraj’s help to reach the destination. Bhawana obliges. Other side Vidya says to Malini she gathered some more interesting information about Bhawana which she recorded it in her phone and searches for her phone to show the video of Raghav and Bhawana. She realises her mobile isn’t with her. Malini and Vidya gets shocked. Other side Guru Ji arrives at the competition venue. Bhawana submits her things. Guru Ji opens it and gets shocked seeing a women’s blouse. He lashes out at Bhawana.

Bhawana apologises to Guru Ji and pleads him to give her few minutes saying she made clothes for God but she doesn’t know how it get exchanged. Then leaves the place to contact Raghav. Raghav in the house finds a mobile on the living room. He inquires the staff’s whether it’s one of them. The staff says no. Raghav wonders whose it is then. He then receives a call from Bhawana asking him to check whether the things she made for competition is in room because what she brought with her isn’t her things. Raghav checks but couldn’t find. Just then he sees Amit is calling the mobile which he found it in his living room so asks Bhawana to do something to convince Guru Ji and he will bring her things at any cost.

Bhanu meets his friend and shares his disappointment with his friend for not giving his daughter’s wedding contract to him. The man tells him it’s all business also tells him to that the can meet the Guru Ji to predict the future. Here Malini scolds Vidya for the mistake made. Vidya suggests to go back to the Srivastav’s to bring back her mobile. Raghav arrives there and says if she enters his house again then definitely she will get caught. Malini and Vidya gets shocked. In the temple Bhawana pleads with the man to give her some time. The man refuses first. He then agrees but tells her if she fails then she will be restricted from entering the temple shocking Bhawana.

In Shastri’s house Malini scolds Raghav for trying to enter the house. Raghav threatens to call the society people to expose them which leads Malini to let Raghav enter the house. Raghav confronts Malini and Vidya. Meanwhile Bhawana questions Guru Ji she made a mistake for that they can’t give such punishment to her instead they should forgive her. Guru Ji angrily asks now she thinks that they have to follow her instructions. Bhanu arrives there with his friend and gets shocked seeing Bhawana’s interaction with Guru Ji. Here Raghav makes Vidya confess the mobile belongs to her. He then demands Bhawana’s materials from them. Malini gives it to him and asks him to leave immediately. Raghav expresses his disappointment towards them for plotting against Bhawana. He then threatens Vidya to not to repeat this again. Then he decides to leave the house with Bhawana’s things but Malini stops him and questions his relationship with Bhawana. Raghav looks on.

Precap: Bhanu apologises to Guru Ji for Bhawana. Bhawana tries to defend herself but Bhanu scolds her and shows her the newspaper in which Raghav-Bhawana’s relationship news is there. Bhawana gets shocked seeing it.

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