Dheere Dheere Se 2nd March 2023 Written Update: Bhawana gets happy with starting her life with self respect and freedom


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The episode starts with Raghav gets mesmerized seeing Bhawana. Bhawana greets Raghav and the latter calls her impressive and says she looks professional and says to himself she looks beautiful so he can’t able to take his eyes off of her. Bhawana asks Raghav is he said anything. Raghav says no then informs her he called a cab which leads Bhawana to scold him. Raghav explains her it’s a sharing cab then wishes her luck. Bhawana thanks him then leaves. Raghav wonders how to stop himself from falling for Bhawana.

Other side Vidya sees the photo of Raghav and Bhawana’s. She decides to show it to Malini and Bhanu but recalls Raghav’s threat so decides to keep the photos with her and use until the right time comes. She gets determined to ruin Raghav’s reputation at any cost. Bhawana gets happy having a conversation with the couple inside the cab who calls her a working woman. Here Raghav and Aanchal worries about whether Bhawana’s meeting with the client went right or not.

Bhawana meets Chaudary who is an employee of Bhawana’s client. He tells Bhawana she has to make five hundred piece of clothes for which she will get two lakh rupees then asks her to read the contract then sign if she accepts the clauses. Bhawana obliges. She then signs the contract and requests some cash saying she is in need. Chaudary asks her to wait until his boss comes. Bhawana obliges. Other side Vidya gets upset with the money Malini gave her to take care of household expenses. Malini hope’s that Bhanu gets the builder’s contract. Bhawana calls Raghav and informs him her meeting went smooth also lies to him she has to wait to collect some advance amount in cash. Raghav assures her Aanchal is safe then asks her to return home safely. Bhanu recalls the builder’s words and gets angry.

Malini asks him the reason behind him looking angry. Bhanu throws the glass of water shocking Malini. Here Bhawana receives the advance amount from the client. She thanks him then leaves in an auto rickshaw. The driver puts the music loud so Bhawana have difficulties to speak to Raghav. Bhawana then comes to her stop before she could take her bag the auto driver drives off. Bhawana tries to get the attention of the driver but fails due to the loud music. She runs behind the auto and finally catches it. She scolds the driver for his behavior then leaves taking her bag.

Raghav and Aanchal gets happy when Bhawana shows them her earning. Raghav asks her plans with the money. Bhawana decides to give a part to temple. She then gives some money to Aanchal to have burger. Raghav leaves when he receives the call. Aanchal informs about the broker she knows through her friend’s mother and suggests they can do house hunting from next day. Bhawana asks Aanchal to concentrate on her studies while she will go and find a house. She meets the broker in a house which is for rent.

The broker convinces her to take the house when Bhawana expresses her worry about the surroundings. Bhawana gets convinced so tells him she will pay the deposit the next day then leaves. The broker tells someone the work is done. Aancal expresses her happiness with Bhawana after learning about finding the house. Bhawana gifts her a new bag also shows a shirt to Aanchal saying it’s for Raghav. Aanchal reminds her how she messed up with Deepak’s shirt back then. Bhawana hope’s she didn’t repeat the mistake. She then goes to the balcony to search for Raghav. She gets shocked hearing Amit’s conversation with someone on the call.

Precap: Gaurav hears Bhawana’s conversation with the broker. He informs the same to Raghav. Raghav gets confused the reason behind Bhawana searching for a house when he didn’t told her anything. He then gets shocked receiving a call and learns about the locality in which Bhawana found a house. Other side the broker urges Bhawana to give deposit to finalize the house. Bhawana obliges.

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