Dheere Dheere Se 7th March 2023 Written Update: Gaurav gets upset with Raghav


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The episode starts with the judge give verdict in support of Bhawana because Bhawana’s proof are right documents and not Vikas’s. He also asks Vikas to vacate the house immediately. He further adds the Barsati belongs to all three brother’s and not only one decide what they have to do with the Barsati. Gaurav gets upset. Brij Mohan Bhanu and Vikas leaves the place angrily. Bhawana gets emotional. Raghav congratulates Bhawana for the win. He also says today he saved his friend Deepak’s dream from getting shattered. He also asks Bhawana to go and live her life in her home in that Barsati. Bhawana gets happy and thanks Raghav. She also says words aren’t enough to express her happiness.

Raghav says sometimes words not needed to express their happiness in words. Bhawana agrees with him. She then worries about Raghav for going against Brij Mohan and Gaurav. Raghav asks her to for one day not to worry about other’s and asks her to return to her home. Bhawana leaves the place happily. Raghav watches her with a smile in his face.

Raghav sees Gaurav so he goes to him and hugs him. Gaurav tells that he needs sometime to process everything. Raghav tells Gaurav sometimes they have to put their relationship aside to fight for the justice. Gaurav mocks at him and asks if the case is purely professional. Raghav becomes speechless. Brij Mohan arrives there and supports Raghav shocking both the brother’s. He tells Raghav that he realised his mistakes. Raghav thanks Brij Mohan for understanding him. He also apologises to both Brij Mohan and Gaurav. Brij Mohan then tells Raghav that he have to go to Indore but not feeling well. Raghav says he will go on his behalf.

Brij Mohan agrees. Here Bhawana prays to God for Raghav who went against his family for her. She also thanks God for sending a friend like Raghav in her life. She then receives a call from Raghav who tells her that Brij Mohan understand the situation and accepted his defeat which surprises Bhawana. Raghav informs her he is going to Indore for a work but will return meanwhile asks her to start her new life in Barsati. Bhawana obliges. She then thanks God for saving Raghav from Brij Mohan’s anger and gets hopeful hereafter her life will be smooth then leaves the place. Wind blows off the lamp light.

Bhawana decides to give sweets to her family members but Brij Mohan stops her. Both Srivastav’s and Shastri’s comes out of their house. Brij Mohan accuses Bhawana for bringing misunderstanding between his two son’s also tries to throw the sweet box in her hand. Bhawana gets shocked and asks him to respect food. Brij Mohan insults her for having his house food and used his son against to defeat him. He then asks Swati to throw Bhawana her things out. Swati obliges and with the help of their worker Swati throws Bhawana’s things. Aanchal arrives there.

Brij Mohan asks Bhawana to trap some other men and not to show her face to them anymore. Bhawana says to Brij Mohan that he is crossing the lines. Aanchal tells Brij Mohan that he can’t talk to her mother this way. Bhanu supports Brij Mohan’s insults for Bhawana and taunts her for staying with the Srivastav’s which lead her to face this humiliation. Malini reminds Bhawana her vow to ruin her reputation the way she have done to them and expresses her happiness. She further questions Bhawana her relationship with Raghav.

Bhawana asks Malini to atleast not to humiliate a women this way being a women herself. Malini smirks happily. Brij Mohan asks Bhawana to leave his house immediately. Bhanu tells Bhawana to never ever think about returning home. Aanchal gets angry and Bhawana looks on with tear filled eyes.

Precap: Aanchal takes Bhawana with her to the Shastri’s house. Bhanu warns them to leave by telling them the consequences they might face if they refuses. Aanchal challenges him to make them leave the house and tells him they will file a case against him. Bhanu shouts Aanchal and raises his hand at her.

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