Dheere Dheere Se 8th March 2023 Written Update: Bhanu taints Bhawana’s character infront of society


The episode starts with Bhanu asks Bhawana to never think about entering the house. And asks her to take her things then leaves the place. Bhawana tells him that she won the case also it’s her rights to stay in the Barsati. Bhanu tells the judge clearly told the Barsati belongs to the three brother’s. Deepak died so it’s him and Amit left and they both decides to let Vikas and Poonam in the Barsati. He would have allowed Bhawana but the latter turned out to be a betrayer. Malini taunts Bhawana. Aanchal says to Bhanu that he can’t talk to her mother this way. Malini defends Bhanu then warns Aanchal to not to speak with Bhanu disrespectful way. Other side Raghav gets happy recalling Bhawana’s happiness then hope’s hereafter Bhawana can lead her life respectfully.

Bhanu bad mouths Bhawana’s character which shocks Savita and Aanchal also Jagjivan and Abhishek whereas other’s looks happy. Bhawana says to Bhanu to realise she is part of the family too and requests to not to talk to her this way. Bhanu mocks at her. Malini says they will give their share of the rent amount which they will get from Vikas and Poonam but won’t let her enter the house. Bhawana cries. The society people also badmouths Bhawana’s character. Brij Mohan taunts Bhawana then goes inside and closes the door. Bhanu also closes the house door. Aanchal hugs Bhawana and they both cries.

Raghav wonders why did Brij Mohan send him Indore as he could have discussed this case over a phone call too. He then realises that Bhawana didn’t called him yet. He gets in his car saying their friendships first fight is going to take place. Here Bhawana asks Aanchal to help her gather their things. Swati watches this from balcony. She wishes to inform Raghav but gets afraid about Gaurav’s anger. Aanchal asks Bhawana what’s happening with them. For the last few days everything is going smooth in their life but once again today everything has been shattered. Bhawana says this is what life is all about. She then gives the sweet box to the sanitation worker saying today she won the most important fight in her life. The worker thanks then leaves.

Here Bhanu discusses with Vikas about his rent then asks Abhishek to take Vikas with him to do the paperwork. Abhishek obliges. Bhanu reminds Jagjivan about his promise and asks him not to back away from it when the latter expresses his hurt seeing Bhawana’s state.

In the temple Aanchal tells Bhawana that they can start their new life in another city. Bhawana agrees and goes to buy the tickers. Aanchal wishes Deepak if is with them then they don’t have to endure all this pain. She then imagines Deepak. She tells Deepak about their life which has been changed upside-down after his demise also Bhawana’s sufferings. Deepak tells her he is also watching everything and he is proud that Bhawana fufilled his dreams. He wants to see them both live in that Barsati then asks her if they leave this city do she really think they don’t have to face anymore problems or challenges? He then asks Aanchal to think and decide then disappears.

Bhawana arrives there and tells Aanchal they are leaving to Bhopal. Aanchal tells they are not going anywhere which confuses Bhawana. Meanwhile Dimple taunts Abhishek for not supporting Bhawana. Bhawana questions her for her sudden change in decision. Aanchal reminds Bhawana it’s Deepak’s last dream which she will fulfill it at any cost. Bhawana looks on.

Precap: Bhanu and Malini gets shocked when Aanchal enters the house with Bhawana. Bhanu threatens them both. Aanchal challenges him to do it. Bhanu gets furious and raises his hand on her.