Dheere Dheere Se 9th March 2023 Written Update: Aanchal questions also provokes Bhanu


The episode starts with Bhawana says to Aanchal that Bhanu will throw them out. Aanchal says they will fight for their rights because incomplete fights are more painful than the one they get defeated. She also says that they have to fight for their Barsati. She then takes Bhawana with her with all the bags. Here Brij Mohan says that Bhawana should learn her mistakes for turning her son’s against one another. Savita also expresses her disappointment towards Bhawana. Swati instigates Brij Mohan against Bhawana. Gaurav gets disappointed as his client’s want Raghav to take their cases. Swati gets upset and angry learning about it. Brij Mohan asks Gaurav to let it be saying in few days everyone will forget what happened and everything will become normal. Gaurav obliges. Raghav gets relieved seeing in few more minutes he will reach home and can’t wait to witness Bhawana’s happiness.

Bhanu shows the agreement paper for the Barsati to the family members and happily states they will get rent from now onwards. Malini and Vidya gets shocked seeing Aanchal and Bhawana returned. Bhanu gets furious and asks how dare they can return home and calls them a shameless people. Aanchal says Bhanu that the kids seeks from the elders only and today Bhanu insulted his own family member who is her mother so there is nothing left to be ashamed. She further states that they won the case so Barsati belongs to them. Bhanu asks Bhawana to ask Aanchal to stop talking to him this way or else he will slap her. Aanchal dares him to do it which shocks the family members. Swati watches this from balcony along with Dimple and Savita and enjoys it. Aanchal reminds Jagjivan that Deepak was his son and his dream to see them in Barsati. Bhanu reminds Jagjivan about his promise which makes Jagjivan to remain silent. Bhanu performs last rites ritual for Bhawana and Aanchal and declares they are dead to them which shocks everyone. Dimple informs Raghav whatever happened with Bhawana. Raghav hurries to meet Bhawana and Aanchal to save them.

Bhanu asks Bhawana and Aanchal to leave the house because their last rites also performed by him. Aanchal asks him to break more pots but it won’t change they are alive and they will stay in the Barsati. She also suggests to perform the same ritual on her own for Bhanu shocking everyone. Bhanu raises his hand on Aanchal but Jagjivan stops him. Bhanu reminds him about his promise but Jagjivan tells just like the way he performed last rites for Bhawana and Aanchal asks him to consider his promises last rite also performed and now it has no meaning in it. He then scolds Bhanu for his behavior. Malini asks Jagjivan instead of scolding Aanchal why he is scolding Bhanu. Jagjivan warns her not to utter a word while he is speaking. He then says just like they all Bhawana and Aanchal also have rights in this house. He further threatens to throw whoever disapproves his this decision which shocks Bhanu Malini and Vidya. Jagjivan then asks Bhawana and Aanchal to get inside the house. He also apologises to them for remaining silent when they faced humiliation. He then calls Bhawana as his daughter. Bhawana gets happy and emotional. Jagjivan asks them to start their new life in Barsati. Raghav gets relieved seeing it and thanks the God. Bhawana and Aanchal happily goes upstairs. Bhanu thinks to destroy Bhawana again.

Precap: Aanchal and Bhawana gets happy to be in Barsati. Bhawana gives credits to Raghav for the reason behind their dream got fulfilled. Raghav confronts Brij Mohan for the way he acted towards Bhawana. Brij Mohan warns Raghav to not to argue with him for that woman. Raghav tells him that woman’s name is Bhawana Shastri which shocks everyone.