Dheere Dheere Se Upcoming Story: Bhawana to lend money to start her new chapter of life!


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Star Bharat’s show Dheere Dheere Se is gearing up with an interesting drama with Bhawana learning Brij Mohan’s decision so decides to find a way to live her life independently. Now it will be interesting to see what will happen next? Will Bhawana confront Raghav from keeping her in dark about Brij Mohan’s decision?

Will Raghav get to know Bhawana learned Brij Mohan’s decision? What will be the reaction of Raghav when he learns Bhawana is aware of Brij Mohan’s decision?

In the current track it shown that Bhawana expresses her worry with Raghav about Brij Mohan’s reaction after reading the false news. Raghav tells her he handled everything but Bhawana shares her past life with him being a dependent woman.

She then thanks Raghav for supporting her always. Raghav gets determined to protect his friendship with Bhawana. Later Bhawana meets Brij Mohan and apologises to him for hurting him unintentionally.

Brij Mohan accepts her apology. He also realises that Raghav didn’t tell Bhawana about his decision yet. Raghav seeks Gaurav’s help to find an accommodation for Bhawana and Aanchal. Gaurav agrees. Swati requests Bhawana to return Raghav his phone.

Bhawana sees Brij Mohan is calling. She trips and the phone falls to the ground. She gets shocked when Brij Mohan asks why Raghav didn’t informed Bhawana that she has to leave the house in few days. She wonders why Raghav hide this from her.

Raghav and Aanchal celebrates Bhawana’s victory with Bhawana. Bhawana repays Raghav his money and the rent. She also assures him she will manage everything with the remaining money.

Bhanu learns the builder is the reason behind him went to prison so decides not to spare him. The next day Bhawana gets ready to start her life as an independent woman then leaves the house.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Bhawana will meet the money lender and takes loan from them. Later the auto in which she traveled drives off with the money in her bag. Bhawana will run behind the auto but fails to catch.

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