Dhruv Tara 14th March 2023 Written Update: Tara argues with Dhruv over God’s existence


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The episode starts with Tara serving food to the Saxenas. Sushila tells they are not from Royal family so why Tara made so many dishes. Vidya praises Tara for her thoughts and manners. She tells everyone to pray before start eating. Everyone prays but Dhruv doesn’t.

Dhruv says be it Prasad or something else. It is just halwa and Puri. Tara says if he doesn’t believe in God. Sushila tells her to behave. He says he only believes in facts and science which they can prove by showing logic. But spiritual matters can’t be proved.

Tara says it’s the universal truth noone can deny and God doesn’t need his belief to prove his existence. Vidya loves Tara’s answer and Dhruv ignores her. He starts eating and stays firm on his decision. Tara thinks he doesn’t even believe in God then how would she make her believe she came from 17th century.

She turns on the TV accidentally and gets shocked seeing the people are talking inside the machine. She can’t believe it’s possible. Prince explains her that’s called TV where people can make others listen but can’t hear.

Dadaji demands to watch news and there she sees Vallavgarh’s soldier and she recognises him. The reporter says a mad man is saying he is from 17th century. Tara thinks she needs Dhruv’s help to prove that people can come here from different centuries too.

Ayesha tells Dhruv that why he wants to leave for Canada. He says he got better opportunity so he wants to go there. She snatches his bike key and doesnt give him that. She says he already gave her enough pain and he is doing the same now. Tara feels like they both are having some issues.

Dhruv leaves and Tara wonders how to meet him outside to get help for her soldier. Vidya makes a list of what veggies will be brought from the market. Tara says she will go out to bring those. She leaves taking the money and she also requests Prince to accompany her and in return she will tell him about some riddles.

Tara asks Prince to call Dhruv with his phone. Prince says he doesnt have phone but then he pretends to cry to get a phone from a stranger. Tara contacts Dhruv with Prince’s help and asks him to come to a place to see something.

Dhruv says he is busy but Tara scolds him pure Hindi and he asks her to talk normally. He reaches her on his bike and asks her to sit. She hesitates as Sushila told her to maintain distance from Dhruv. Dhruv says none is watching so she can forget what Sushila said. Tara says she respects her decision even in her absence. She then takes an auto ride and asks Dhruv to follow her.

Dhruv asks her what she wants to show him? She stops the auto and there the Vallavgarh soldier gets confused seeing the crowded area and he gets lost. He is about to attack someone with his sword and Tara shows him to Dhruv. Tara thinks how to catch him.

Precap- Tara comes Saxena House on a horse with her soldier. Everyone gets shocked and Sushila tells the cops to arrest Tara.

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