Dhruv Tara 15th March 2023 Written Update: Tara brings a horse to Saxena house


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The episode starts with Tara seeing the soldier with Dhruv. The soldier is standing on the top of the car and screams he came in this century and he doesn’t belong here. Everybody surrounds him and Tara calls his name as Dharmendra. Tara tries to reach the soldier but due to crowd she can’t go near him.

She gives a special signal to Dharmendra and the latter recognises it. He goes towards Tara and she tries to calm him down. But he is about to attack her with his sword but Dhruv saves her. Dharmendra starts running away from the police and gets hit by a car. Tara gets worried for him and she asks Dhruv to treat him. Dhruv feels like Tara knows the person.

There Tara sits in the ambulance with Dhruv and gets worried for Dharmendra. She thinks how she would convince Dhruv to go to Vallavgarh like that. He will not believe that the soldier is also from there. She gets into an argument with him as he only believes in proofs and logic. She says God is there and people cant see heart doesn’t mean they don’t have heart.

She cries and the ambulance jerks suddenly. She falls on Dhruv. They share an eye lock and he then tells her to get down near the market. She says she will buy some veggies as well. There Ayesha talks to her father and asks him why he didn’t send Jay to abroad and instead he is sending Dhruv.

Her father says Dhruv is the right person to represent their hospital in Canada and he would choose him only. Ayesha convinces him to send Jay instead of Dhruv and she smiles thinking she won’t let Dhruv go away from her.

There Samrat says it has been proved that Nabrang forest has some fault which is why people disappear from there suddenly. There Sushila waits for Tara to return back with the headache balm named as Turang. Tara reaches Saxena House on a horse and everyone gets shocked seeing her courage.

Local people take her pictures and Saxenas get irked seeing her like that. Sushila scolds her for her stupidity and Tara says Turang means Horse in Hindi so she brought a horse. Vidya says Tara is right and Dhruv also gets surprised seeing the horse in front of their house.

Later a lady cop arrives and asks Tara how she controlled the unstable horse. Tara says she is trained in this. Cop appreciates her and says she can be called later to teach horse riding to her. Tara smiles and Ayesha Sushila get irked. Prince praises Tara’s skills.

There King misses Tara and wonders why she left them suddenly. Samrat informs him that Tara went to the cursed forest Nabrang and she disappeared there. King says he will cut off his tongue for saying this.

Samrat says he is not lying. Mahaveer says he knows Tara is safe and will be back soon. He can sense her presence. Samrat says it’s his false hope nothing else. Tara prays to God that she can go to any extent to save her brother.

Precap- Tara and Dhruv try to color each other’s faces on Holi. Tara says she has only one option to take Dhruv to Mahaveer that is kidnapping.

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