Dhruv Tara 16th March 2023 Written Update: Dhruv stands up for Tara


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The episode starts with Tara waiting for Dhruv on terrace to know about Dharmendra’s condition. Dhruv comes to meet her and informs her that Dharmendra is in coma and he can’t tell when he will wake up. It can take years or months. He can’t speak or hear in this condition. Tara thinks if Dharmendra can’t speak then how will she prove that she is from 17th century. She says she needs Dhruv to cure him at any cost. Dhruv says he is trying his best but he can’t tell her exactly when Dharmendra will be alright.

There Tara sits to eat food and Sushila Chaiji stop her from eating the fresh food. They say that Tara should finish the leftover food first as she is maid of the house. Tara gets offended hearing that and Sushila takes out the leftover food from fridge and gives Tara. Tara gets surprised seeing the fridge and the coldness inside. She says she only heard of such machines but today she saw it. She says she feels the food lost its nutrition. Sushila says if she can’t eat the leftover then she can stay in empty stomach.

Tara recalls in Vallabhgarh she didn’t let the maids eat the leftover food as God stays in every human being and offering leftover food to them would be an insult to God. Maids praise Tara for her greatness. Flashback ends. Dhruv tells Sushila that he is going out to bring some stuffs from market for his boss’s family function. Sushila says he is a doctor and his boss should not insult her son like that by making him do such things. Dhruv says he cant disobey his boss.

Later he explains to her that she got offended easily seeing her son’s insult then how can she insult someone else’s daughter. He hints at Tara saying if they believe in God then they should also know God is present in every living being. So why Sushila stopped Tara from eating fresh food. Tara gets impressed hearing his words and thinks he unknowingly showed faith in God today. He holds her hand and brings the fresh food for her and asks her to eat it. Ayesha feels jealous seeing them.

There Tara says she can’t wait for Dharmendra this long. She recalls her brother’s advise that tricks which are used for fulfilling some good purpose that should not be considered as bad. She says she will take Dhruv to Vallavgarh directly. There he will witness the whole truth on his own and will finally believe in her. He won’t consider her as mad then.

She says Mahaveer will get better and also King will give reward to Dhruv which will solve his own issues as well. This will benefit her and Dhruv both. Dhruv comes to her and says her dedication towards her prayer shows her wish will get fulfilled soon. They look at each other. Some kids enter Saxena House to celebrate Holi but Sushila gets angry at them. She throws them out of the house and Ayesha tells her to calm down. Tara thinks why they don’t celebrate such a colorful festival.

Precap- Tara decides to kidnap Dhruv when Sushila takes him away from her.

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