Dhruv Tara 17th March 2023 Written Update: Tara applies colours on Dhruv’s face on Holi


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The episode starts with Tara overhearing Chaiji and her husband’s conversation. They apply colour on each other on Holi secretly so that Sushila doesn’t know about it. She will be hurt then. Tara wonders why they are secretly playing Holi. Vidya explains to Tara why Sushila stopped playing Holi. Before she used to make various dishes on Holi but then she stopped the celebration due to a past mishap. Vidya gets emotional and Tara recalls how she used to color Mahaveer on Every Holi in Vallabhgarh. Mahaveer smartly fools her and colors her before she throws colors at him. Tara takes his blessings and flashback ends.

Tara plans to throw colors at Dhruv while he is reading something on terrace. She does so and he gets surprised. He holds her hand and asks why is she doing it? Vidya and her husband think now Dhruv will be furious at Tara for her act. Tara tells the significance of colors to him and how it’s the favourite festival of Lord Krishna. She says everyone should celebrate it to bring colors in their lives.

Why he doesn’t celebrate it then. He says she will never understand that what situation they faced during the Holi festival. It was the worst day of their lives. Tara stops him from leaving and says she can understand his point but he should atleast try to end the burden of pain which is there in Sushila for years. He should try to sort it out. He leaves her hand and throws away the color plate.

Dhruv comes downstairs and meets Sushila. She asks him who applied color on him. How dare someone does that. She is about to remove the color from his face but he stops her. He takes her to temple and tries to color her face. She stops him but he still applies it in front of God. He says his father left them 25 years back and he doesn’t even recall his face properly. It’s been years and she should now move on and accept the colors. He says if she is happy to have her son with her instead of holding grudge then she will accept the colors today.

Sushila finally applies colour on his face and everyone gets delighted. Sushila hugs Dhruv and she wishes Holi to everyone in the family. Dadaji says means this Holi they will get to eat Malpua and Ghujia. Tara says she made a plan but she is not sure if this would be right to take Dhruv away from his family as this family already lost a son years back. She says she is not sure if she is taking the right decision or not. She hopes that Sushila will feed her sweet and she will take it as a signal from God that she is doing right.

Episode ends

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