Dhruv Tara 23rd September 2023 Written Update: Samrat understands Nayak’s trick

Dhruv Tara 23rd September 2023 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Samrat’s name has been announced as the participant in the Malyudh. Nobody could defeat him till now. Samrat enters with style and looks at Tara. Nayak’s name is also announced to come to the ground. Ranchod takes him there holding his hand and everyone gets confused. They ask why Ranchod is coming with him. Mahaveer questions Nayak why he couldn’t come alone to the ground. Nayak replies he became blind for some time and everyone says then he cant participate in the Malyudh as it will not not be justified. Samrat says then he should be announced as the winner. Nayak says he believes in determination and strong will. Though he lost his sight during the Malyudh but he doesn’t want to give up. He will participate also will win. Samrat smirks. Mahaveer says if Nayak is confident then he will give him a chance.

Tilotama smiles and then Saraswati gives a strict instruction to all that everyone will be silent during the Yudh as its about someone’s life. Noone will clap or make any noise. Tara thanks her in mind as she helped Dhruv secretly so that he can listen to the ghungroo sound clearly. Nayak is allowed to attack Samrat first as he won the Dahi Handi. Nayak tries to attack him but Samrat saves himself. Later Nayak successfully hits Samrat hearing the ghungroo sound. Samrat gets into thinking what is wrong that Nayak can understand his movements without even seeing. He gets beaten by Nayak again and the commentator says Nayak gave tough competition to skilled fighter Samrat. Samrat is losing his confidence slowly. Tara gets happy seeing Dhruv performing well. Samrat remains quiet for sometime and then understands that a ghungroo sound is coming from his clothes thus Nayak can attack him. He brings out the ghungroo and Tara gets shocked. She thinks now what will happen to Dhruv. Samrat outsmarts Dhruv and beats him using the sound. Samrat thinks now he will kill Nayak. Tara feels sorry for Dhruv and Tilotama wishes for Nayak’s death. Samrat injures Nayak badly and Tara gets shocked.

Precap- Tara tells Mahaveer to save Nayak and the latter defeats Samrat at the last moment.

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