Dhruv Tara 24th June 2023 Written Update: Dhruv decides to stay back in Vallavgarh

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The episode starts with Anusia asking Mahaveer why Dhruv and Tara can’t get married? Mahaveer says it’s not possible as it’s against the natural process. They have to keep Tara away from Dhruv at any cost. Else everything will be destroyed. Dhruv checks his father’s health and apologises to him for deciding to leave him alone in this state. Sukanya tells Dhurv that the latter must be upset as Samrat will marry Tara. Dhruv says he wants to fight for his love and cheap Samrat can’t marry Tara but she will marry Dhruv only. He will talk to Uday Bhan. Mahaveer tells Dhruv to change his thoughts. They go to talk in private.

Mahaveer says they can’t fight the destiny and his marriage with Tara is not possible. Time can’t be defeated. Dhruv says why he is talking like Tara. He only talked to Uday Bhan for their marriage then what happened suddenly overnight? Mahaveer says he is grateful towards him for whatever he has done for his family but he can’t support his love for Tara. Else his life will be in danger. Dhruv says he cant believe Mahaveer wants Samrat to marry Tara! Mahaveer replies he didn’t say so, but he can’t let Dhruv marry Tara as well.

Dhruv says he didn’t give him the right to question his love so he is ready to fight against all odds to marry Tara. Mahaveer says he won’t let Dhruv succeed. Tara gets disheartened thinking Dhruv left from Vallavgarh and she lost him. Later Samrat asks Tara to choose expensive jewels and clothed for her wedding. She says she can’t choose what she loves. She left it upto Uday Bhan and she will accept whatever will be his choice. Dhruv arrives and Tara gets shocked thinking what he is doing here. He should have left.

Dhruv tells King that Tara is really important for him. She gets afraid thinking if he reveals he wants to marry her then Uday Bhan will kill him. Tara interrupts saying Dhurv wants King’s permission before leaving Vallavgarh. Uday Bhan says but he announced him as the new Raj Vaidya of the state then why he is running away. Tara says Dhruv has his own family so he has to return back. Samrat asks Dhruv why he said Tara is important for him. Tara says he meant she is important like a student for him. He is feeling bad that he can’t give her training.

Dhruv says he won’t break his promise to her and he will stay in Vallabhgarh until Tara’s wedding is over. Uday Bhan agrees with him and Tara feels why he can’t understand that his life will be at stake if the truth is out. Dhruv drags Tara to a place where many mirrors are present. They hug each other and then she asks him to leave as she can’t marry him. She is bound to marry Samrat. Dhruv says he is also adamant and he will not leave her. He gets close to her and Samrat breaks the mirrors angrily.

Precap- Dhruv warns Samrat that Tara belongs to him only. Samrat tries to stab him but Tara comes in between. She says she will harm herself if Samrat kills Dhruv. Then Samrat won’t get anything.

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