Dhruv Tara 27th February 2023 Written Update: Princess Tara Priya hesitates to tell about her ambition to King


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The episode starts with Vallavgarh where princess Tara Priya stays. Tara is passionate about herb and she wants to become a Vaidya. In Nabrang forest a special herb can be found but it’s risky for Tara to go there and get it. Tara adamantly says she will go there and will take it from there. She gets ready like a warrior and leaves on horse. There she looks for the herb and some of her own soldiers try to catch her thinking who she is. She escapes from them after running for a long time. She removes her face cover and her brother catches her. He scolds her for going to Nabrang Forest. That forest is a like a riddle and anything could have happened to her. Tara says he always learns if she is in danger. He replies as she ties rakhi around his wrist. It’s his right to protect her. She adds she was searching for a herb and she shows it to him.

He feels dizzy and she gives him kadha to reduce his pain. She says she knows whenever he is in pain. She then touches his neck and feels like a lump has been there. He laughs and says it’s not true. She gives credits to him for bringing books for her to study about Ayurveda. Her interest grew because of his immense support. She also wishes him to get married to his beloved. She says she will talk to her father about Anusia that though she is not from Royal background but she is a good Human being.

Tara sings Krishna Bhajan and her father King arrives. Tara’s brother asks her to reveal to her father that she is a Vaidya. She says she can’t do it right now else he will be angry. King meets Tara and the latter gets delighted seeing him. King refuses to bless Anusia. Senapati tries to flirt with Tara but the latter shows him his real place. Senapati thinks soon he will marry Tara and will make her serve him. There Senapati suggests King to kill a horse who can’t work for them anymore and has gone mad. King empathises with the horse and Tara’s brother says they should not kill the horse just because it can’t serve them anymore. He says whoever will control the horse will get a reward from king.

Tara looks at Nabrang forest and wonders why it’s cursed. Tara’s brother comes to her and asks her to control the horse so that in return she asks King to give her permission to become a Vaidya which is her dream and right both. He says he will give her training before the challenge. There Senapati talks to his spy who reveals they give poisonous medicine to Tara’s brother so that he remains sick and can’t rule the kingdom in future. Later on Senapati will convince the king to let him marry Tara. He wants to be the future king. Next day Tara rides on the horse and she notices a Radha Krishna printed dupatta. She chases it and reaches Nabrang Forest which can take someone to future. Dhruv has been shown in future generation. He gets Tara’s dupatta.

Precap- Tara’s brother falls sick because of Brain tumor and Tara learns only advanced medical treatment can cure. She says she wants to go to future to treat her brother. She decides to go there through Nabrang Forest. Dhruv is seen as a doctor.