Dhruv Tara 28th February 2023 Written Update: Mahaveer falls sick


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The episode starts with Tara thinking something is secretive about the Nabrang Forest and she will find out the cause one day. There the challenge of controlling the unstable horse begins. Tara prays to Lord Krishna and Radha. She recalls how her brother gave her the last sign of their mother and told her to protect it. She ties the red cloth around her hand. King asks for Mahaveer’s suggestion how to control the unstable horse as everyone is failing. Tara arrives on a horse and King gets surprised seeing her. Tara says he should have faith on her and she will befriend Badal for sure. Mahaveer says he trained Tara properly and she won’t fail. Tara recalls how he taught her to not lose this challenge at any cost else he will never be able to fulfill her ambition. He told her to maintain balance. Tara observes Badal carefully and there King orders Samrat to throw arrow at Badal if Tara fails to control it and she gets injured.

Samrat instructs a soldier to hold arrow. Tara tries to control Badal but the latter can’t stay calm. Tara falls down and gets hurt. She figures out the real reason that the horse’s feet got injured thus it can’t stand properly. It is not mentally unstable. Tara somehow takes out the sharp thing from it’s feet and Badal stops moving. Samrat learns that Mahaveer is not taking their poisonous medicine anymore and Samrat says his dream is to marry Tara and become the future king. For that Mahaveer has to die slowly. King decides to grant a wish to Tara as she won the challenge. Tara says nothing is important than love in this world. She wants Mahaveer to marry his lover Anusia. Though she is not from Royal background but they love each other. King announces wedding of Anusia and Mahaveer. Mahaveer gets upset with her as she didn’t ask to fulfil her dream but for something else. Tara says she can understand his anger but she wants his happiness. She says it’s time for celebration and she congratulates Anusia as well.

Samrat smirks seeing Mahaveer’s condition. There Tara dances with her family and celebrates the moment. Mahaveer suddenly falls unconscious and Tara panics seeing his condition. She shouts his name and later the doctor says Mahaveer has Brain tumor and it’s not curable. He will die soon. There in different world Dhruv introduces the advanced medical treatment in a conference meeting. He says Brain tumor is absolutely curable by brain surgery. There the Vaidya says they don’t have the knowledge about veins in Brain and how to remove the tumor from there. It will take years to learn that. Tara gets worried hearing so.

Precap- Tara is asked what she can do to save her brother. She says she can do anything. Samrat forces Tara to marry him by putting a false allegation and her marriage gets fixed with him. Tara learns she needs to go to the different generation with the help of the Nabrang Forest.

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