Dhruv Tara 2nd March 2023 Written Update: Dhruv saves Tara


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The episode starts with Anusia talking to unconscious Mahaveer that if he was in his senses he would have never let Tara marry Samrat. She doesn’t like Senapati. Tara gets emotional and recalls King’s words. She gets ready as bride and recalls how she figured out the tumor in Mahaveer’s head. She goes near King and the latter looks upset. Tara puts tilak on his forehead and he blesses her. Tara says she wants to meet Mahaveer before leaving. King allows her and Tara goes to her brother. She cries seeing his condition and says she needs his love and affection a lot today. If he will give her courage she would be able to win every battle. Tara tells him to open his eyes and he does so. He struggles to get up and falls on bed. He asks her why she is in bridal get up. She diverts the topic and says she will soon come back to him. She makes his hand touch her forehead. She ties the holy red cloth around his wrist. Samrat sits in the mandap and waits for Tara.

Tara asks for a promise from Anusia that whatever food or medicine will be given to Mahaveer from now onwards, will be cross checked by Anusia. Anusia promises her and Samrat gets delighted seeing Tara sitting next to him. He says finally she will belong to him and he asks where is Anusia, why she didn’t attend the wedding. During the ritual Samrat removes the bride’s veil and gets shocked seeing Anusia in Tara’s place. He shouts he got betrayed, where is Princess Tara? Tara rides the horse at full speed and heads towards Nabrang Forest. Soldiers chase her and she gets surrounded by Samrat and his soldiers. Samrat says why she came here fooling her family. She says she won’t be returning back and everyone points arrows at her. King orders Tara to return back with them. She prays to Lord Krishna asking him to cure Mahaveer. She feels Kanjaji only showed her the path then she can’t get caught after coming this far. She seeks God’s help and the weather changes suddenly.

Heavy storm occurs and Tara leaves the place when the soldiers get distracted. Samrat orders the soldiers to find her out as soon as possible. Tara recalls Saraswati’s advise how she can go to the 21st century. She wonders why there is no door. She again seeks Kanhaji’s help and a machine starts working where she is standing. She gets surprised and then she gets disappeared. She finds herself near the Taj Mahal, and gets smitten seeing the beauty of Taj Mahal. She says she can’t believe Taj Mahal is finished. She thanks God for taking her to the 21st century. She decides to find a doctor after that. She then sees a train is coming towards her. She thinks what kind of devil is this. She runs away and then Dhruv saves her from the running train. They fall together and he looks at her.

Precap- Tara introduces her as Princess to Dhruv and he thinks she is mentally unstable. He takes her to mental asylum and she pleads him not to leave her alone.

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