Dhruv Tara 4th March 2023 Written Update: Tara defeats some goons


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The episode starts with Dhruv saying he will leave as fulfilling a doctor’s duty is his main priority. Sushila tells him not to take risk and they cant afford to lose him. Dhruv says they put lot of efforts to make him a doctor so he won’t disappoint them by taking his profession for granted. Chaiji asks Dhruv where is his holy thread which she tied around his wrist. He says he doesn’t believe in all these. Tara gets surrounded by the goons and they hold her at gunpoint. She tries to escape but they start firing. During the surgery Dhruv find Tara’s earring in his pocket. He keeps it on the table and the patient’s son threatens Dhruv if his operation doesn’t become successful then they will kill him. He leaves his man to keep eyes on Dhruv in the operation theatre. That man points gun at Dhruv and the latter tells him to relax.

Tara attacks the men with knife saying according the rules of Vallavgarh they cut off the hands of the molestors. One of the men tears her cloth and throws away her dupatta. She gets shocked. There Dhruv notes the time of the death of the patient. Tara takes her dupatta and seeks help from Lord Krishna with her holy locket. It shows her the path to reach the temple of Radha Krishna. She gets emotional looking at the idols and covers herself with a red cloth which she finds there. She chants Hare Krishna mantra. There Dhruv goes to Bhaiya ji and Manmohan tells him that his father is dead. Bhaiya ji gets furious and attacks Dhruv. The party members start breaking stuffs in the hospital. Dhruv finally tells them that he only switched off the monitor, Bhaiya Ji’s father is alive. He also reveals how Manmohan blackmailed him to kill Netaji. Bhaiya ji beats up Manmohan. Dhruv says he didn’t let his record become bad. Everyone cheers him up. Tara wakes up at temple next day and then she sings Bhajan when the priest starts coughing. Priest blesses her.

Sushila performs aarti of Dhruv for his succesful surgery. He brings back Sushila’s bangles which makes her emotional. Jay gets jealous and says their house is also at stake because of making him a surgeon. Chaiji says Dhruv will find a solution of that too. She asks him to accompany her to the Krishna temple to perform Puja for her mannat. Dhruv says he is a doctor, these things don’t suit him but his sisters tease him saying he will get his life partner there. Chaiji says they are going to witness the Krishna Leela function at the temple. Dhruv agrees when Sushila forces him. There Tara agrees to become Radha during the Krishna Leela. She says she would love to take part in the arrangements.

Precap- Tara learns about famous Neuro surgeon Dhruv’s arrival at the same temple. She goes to meet him for her brother. Dhruv and Tara come face to face.

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