Dhruv Tara 7th March 2023 Written Update: Tara fails to stop Dhruv from leaving


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The episode starts with Tara thanking Lord Krishna for bringing Dhruv to her. She decides to take him to Vallavgarh to cure her brother. Samrat searches for clue to find Tara near the Nabrang Forest along with his soldiers. One soldier finds a ghungroo of Tara’s anklet. Samrat recognises it and he tells them to mark Tara’s footsteps which will take them to her. He says Tara can’t hide from him for long. He says though entering Nabrang Forest is not allowed still he will go there as Tara went there. Storm occurs and Samrat tells his soldiers to bring fire torches. He gets angry seeing Tara’s footsteps are removed due to the heavy wind.

There Tara sees Dhruv is leaving on his bike. She calls out his name and runs after his bike to stop him. Traffic police stops her from running, she says noone can stop her, it’s her order. Traffic tells her that it’s risky to run like this on Agra streets. Dhurv leaves by that time. She gets upset and later she goes to take water bottle from a shop. The shopkeeper refuses to give her water without money. She gets surprised knowing here people even charge for water. She asks him about a nearby hospital where Dhruv can be found.

She introduces herself as Princess Tara Priya and he gets confused. He says there is no such hospital. She thinks now where will she find Dhruv. Dhruv brings cake for his sister’s birthday. There Sushila and Chaiji discuss about Dhruv’s marriage. As Jay got married before him, now it’s his turn. Before Dhruv tells anything Ayesha comes and says he will never marry anyone. She says he broke many hearts in college saying he will never marry. Sushila asks Dhruv if it’s true. In flashback Ayesha meets Dhruv in college at night. She offers him roses and proposes him. He says he only considers her friend. She says he takes care of her, have done many things for her then how it’s not love? He didn’t do it just for friendship. She says just because Jay proposed to her he wants to sacrifice for his brother. But she doesn’t love Jay.

Dhruv says he cant marry her and take her home to hurt Jay. Jay can take any drastic step and he won’t be able to see his poor condition. Jay feels Dhruv gets everything he wishes and in that case he can’t marry Ayesha. Ayesha says she won’t marry Jay even if Dhruv rejects her. Dhruv says that’s upto her whom she will marry. But he also decides not to love or marry anyone else if he can’t marry Ayesha.

There Tara walks on road and hears music. She wonders from where it’s coming. She tries to find out and then one thief runs way with a gold chain. One old couple screams for help. Tara catches the thief and uncovers her mask. She gets shocked seeing the thief is a lady. The thief cries saying she wants money for her studies and wants to treat her brother as well. Tara requests everyone to help the thief by giving her money but in vain.

Tara then gives her royal coins to her. Later Tara’s act impresses the old couple and they ask her about her address. She says she has no house. They decide to give her shelter and Tara’s polite words touches their hearts. There Sushila tells Chaiji that she will only choose the bride for Dhruv and she won’t let any other girl enter this house.

Precap- Ayesha tells Dhruv that she won’t let him love anyone else. And noone can come to his life. Tara enters Dhruv’s house secretly and something falls down which alerts Dhruv’s family.

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