Dhruv Tara Upcoming Story: Ayesha to create problem in Dhruv’s life?


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Sab TV launched a brand new show named Dhruv Tara starring Riya Sharma and Ishaan Dhawan. The first episode has been aired and the storyline is unique, something which the audience never experienced before.

A love story which will combine two people belong to different culture and generations will entertain the audience and will leave an impact on them.

Princess Tara Priya wants to fulfil her ambition and her brother Mahaveer is supporting her though their father is unaware of that. There Dhurv is a doctor who has his own agenda of living a life. How these two will come together that will be interesting to watch.

In previous episode, Tara runs to catch Dhruv but the latter leaves on his bike. There a traffic police stops her from running on crowed streets.

Later Dhruv reaches home and his mother talks about his marriage as his younger brother Jay already got married now it’s Dhruv’s turn. Ayesha says Dhruv will never get married and reason being the past gets revealed.

When Ayesha proposed to Dhruv but he didn’t accept her proposal because Jay proposed her before. Ayesha said she only loves Dhruv but the latter doesn’t want to hurt his brother so he rejected her and also decided not to love or marry anyone in future.

There Tara catches a thief and gets back the gold chain she has stolen from an old couple. Tara sympathizes with the lady thief knowing about her needs. She asks people to help her but in vain.

The old couple gets impressed by her act and think of giving her a shelter. Tara feels thankful and also she looks for Doctor Dhruv. Sushila will plan to choose bride for Dhruv.

In future episodes viewers will see Tara will enter Dhruv’s house and there Ayesha will tell him that she won’t let anyone come into his life and no girl can marry him.

How will Dhruv believe Tara?

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